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Archie and I completed the BE80 [and our Wobbleberry challenge] at Horseheath Horse trials. I was terrified! Mediocre dressage but no errors of course which is a first for any test apart from Prelim 7 ridden from memory. Comments all fair. Two stops SJ due to cutting the corners and not having enough canter. On the XC he set off on a mission. I followed Martin Wright's advice at 5 which worked a treat. Unfortunately didn't follow Janine Lamy's advice at 8 so confused my poor horse and he could do nothing else but stop. My own stupidity. Had a second run out at the B element of a combination on a curve as I didn't quite get the right line but we then stormed round the rest of the course and flew through the finish with me still on board. So aim [but not expectation] of the day to complete and not fall off was achieved. Not bad for combination with a combined age of 80, the rider never having done XC before January and a horse that had been retired from eventing because he appeared to have lost his nerve jumping in a competitive situation. I am so proud of my pony. A big thank you also needed for my daughter Emma Swarbrick who had to take on the role of groom yesterday and got Archie [and me] ready for each phase. She did not reveal the stress and anxiety she had been feeling for the previous 24 hours, worrying about how she would get Archie home if I ended up in hospital. Also to Janine Lamy who was at Horseheath to watch her husband Martin Wright compete, but quietly appeared in each warm up arena at precisely the right time to help me warm up. I don't think we would have left the XC start box so confidently without her. Today I have entered Munstead so I can do even better.

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