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Hannah faced her challenges with the most infectious determination and awe-inspiring attitude I have ever seen & I couldn't help but be drawn to the challenge, despite my more sensible thoughts! I can only thank Hannah & those who have put so much work into the Wobbleberry Challenge. I've loved every minute, even the minutes that really hurt, and I swore, and the minutes where I was terrified and genuinely worried I might brown my breeches. I completed my challenge on one of the hottest days of the year, surrounded by my most lovely friends and family. My best friend of 31 years & her partner so kindly lent me their amazing horse, my poor parents held their breath & experienced unnerving heart palpitations (I've put them through rather a lot since having spinal surgery, sorry Mar & Par!), my hubby took up potty training duties for the day, my girlfriends hauled their babies across fields to support 'Aunty Phil', my godsend of a friend young Adam legged me up, gave me sweary encouragement & my eldest even didn't kick a football for a couple of hours to support his old Mam. We managed a respectable dressage score of 32.3 & collected a few time faults jumping. It was a heaven sent Day that I will most very never forget.

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