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So we wibbled, we wobbled and we berry well did it!! Yesterday basil and I trecked down to shelford manor for our first ever be80 event. Dressage was first and unfortunately some time lapse/ travel slight phenomenon meant i have no idea where an hour disappeared off to and it was time to go in without even warming up! Basil was a super ⭐️ and pulled off the best test we have ever ridden for a score of 42.8 (ok not as good as some but I was very pleased.) Showjumping next and the fences seemed massive as we trotted into the ring. Thankfully the double was towards the collecting ring so that was helpful. Basil was again super and got round just knocking 3 poles for 12 faults. Finally cross country. Some of the fences seemed very big and solid but we had got this far, not pulling out now! I deployed my new trick of getting Basil to watch 2 horses set off before his turn to get him "excited" or at least stop him having a nap 😴 in the start box. So 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and we were off. Flying over jumps 1 to 5 before dropping down a step into the woods and off we went. All the jumps that I had been nervous about basil took in his stride, he was fab. Just one run out at a jump near the end due to a momentary concentration lapse for both of us and we were round. A total penalties of 101.6 might not be a winning score for many but we had completed! I was so happy and proud of my little racing stripes. Go basil!!

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