Emma Busk & Pilot Advocate

Entered into BE 80 (T) Solihull (2)



We've done a fair amount of XC schooling and Harvey has been bold and forward albeit a bit nappy. Our meticulous plan for schooling, competing and fitness work that would ensure our readiness for BE at Solihull went out the window when my back went and I lost two weeks. However, despite the fact the Harvey's eyes spend most of their time on stalks when on an xc course alone, I am determined to do this. Harvey presents fair fewer challenges than those tha Hannah had to face so we kick on, deal with the inevitable nerves (I've only been jumping regularly since Feb) and focus on the positive. I should conclude by saying I would be incapable of any of these without the support and inspiration of my fellow WBs, near and far. And, of course, to Hannah.

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