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I know I have completed a couple of BE80's with Gordy but due to injuries over the past year neither of us have competed since August 2015! My nerves and lack of confidence were bad enough then so cant imagine that they will have improved. My main wobbles are that I get so nervous in the showjumping I tend to think I've forgotten a jump in the middle of the course therefore clocking up time penalties as well as a refusal and going so slowly cross country, I manage to gain masses to time penalties. Therefore with the help of the fantastic trainers that have come on board to help the wobbleberries I would like to be able to complete at least one BE80 by the end of Autumn 2017 while raising money for such a fantastic charity ! After attending wobbleberry camp, lessons with trainers had a few falls, meltdowns and tears it all came together for Warwick Hall (3) on 23rd July 2017.! Not our best dressage score of 36.3 bt a good start then onto the dreaded showjumping ! Watching numerous competitors jump I went over and over the course from the ring back to the wagon, while tacking up, while riding to the showjumping arena and my heart sank. After my trainer warmed us up over practice jumps Gordy felt good - I felt good. Come on you can do it girl get in there and kick ass, rember the course and we did !!!!!!! Gordy was absolutely amazing jumping our first clear round and NO time penalties and left the arena feeling elated. Next the cross country. Trying not to listen to the commentators announcing falls and eliminations and feelimg the dread looming we warmed up and then we were off ! Dreading the three sets of doubles we had a couple of arguments but what can I say about Gordy - awesome !!!! Although 16 time penalties it didn't matter - we completed for Wilberry and Hannah and what a feeling especially as it was our first double clear! Fearing this journey when I first signed up for the challenge and thinking I would let everyone down, I met so many wonderful people, had so much suppprt and I am still on a high and can't stop thinking about the day and how fabulous my horse was and it was due to the time, patience and belief my trainer Sara Burdess had in Gordy and myself. I would recommend this experience to any rider who think they are a Wobbleberrie !

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