Karla March


Hannah's ODE 80cm


Well we did it!! For those that don't know me I'm an over weight mum of 2 who unfortunately suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. When I was first diagnosed in 2009 I could not even walk. I was also lucky enough to know hannah. She supported my daughter thorough finding a new pony and was in the same pony club. Her dad also is a friend of my husband s. I decided to take on this challenge on my very over weight cob in September as a way of moving forward after losing my dad suddenly and then hannah. Unfortunately I lost another friend a week ago to cancer so all the names joined me and Scoutberry as we took on the challenge. I decided to ride Hannah s own event as my 80 cm as under be rules. The course was massive!! With a very excited horse in the dressage it did not go well we got the canter lead wrong and had to correct. The sj was full of big spreads thanks to Ernie looking after me we came out with 2 poles down. The xc was amazing Ernie new what to do ! He flew all the massive jumps we took it slowly so did get time faults but I know hannah would have been very proud and supportive!

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