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Well what a day!! I loved every minute of it. Dressage isn't our thing, especially with an ex showjumper that dances around as soon as I get on, so my aim was not to get eliminated 😂, got a score of 50 something wasn't bad for us as it was first time we ever done a dressage test. Showjumping came round and we flew round clear, now for the cross country that I was nerves about as we've been practicing but the water has always been our nemesis! My little gem of a horse was not batting an eye lid UNTILL the first water , it looked like a swamp, tries kicking her on and she reared vertical with me (never done this before) so pushed on again 2 more stops then she went through, second water came up and she went through (thank god) we went on finishing the course. I never thought I'd be doing anything like this when I started riding again as had 10years out of riding and was just a leisure rider. This challenge has gave me a new lease of life and I take my hat off to Hannah and what she achieved in her life.

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