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I didn't know what to expect when i took on this challenge but i'm so glad i did, not only has it given me the opportunity to raise money and profile for a worthy charity it has given me purpose, drive and dreams!!! I really struggled with my own demons which were mainly 'Am i good enough?' and 'I'm scared!!' but with the challenge in mind i was able to beat them down a mm at a time, i had such good support via the Cornwall wobbleberry facebook group page who are full of great support, Jo who is our rep made everyone's progress something to be proud of, and really helped us all in any way she could!! On the day i was a bag of nerves, after collecting my numbers and doing the checks i got ready for Dressage ( our least favourite phase due to excitement levels of my little horse) well i had a little cry before the center line but held it together and we managed the minimum (staying in the arena) haha.. Not an impressive score at 45 but at least it wasn't an Elimination!!! After a few hours waiting and a brilliant course walk we did the showjumping.. the course was bold and bright and it felt like hundreds of people were watching on the banks and in the tents, i was a bag of nerves but as soon as the buzzer went it was game on!!! We got around CLEAR.... i was thrilled and beaming especially as clears were far and few between. A very quick tack and equipment change and it was XC phase, i was a little worried, the jumps were like nothing we had ever seen and it was a long course with many jumps up to full height and many questions, My little horse jumped his heart out 60% of the fences he was not sure on and stopped at but then cat leapt from standstill sadly this tactic caught us out at the twisted table and i nearly fell off... OPPS! i managed to regain my balance and on we went we finished with 20penalties after a step back and 32 time faults.. i had never been so tired, happy, proud or emotional.. We had done it we had ridden our hearts out for Hannah. In fact we loved it so much we are doing it all again on the 23rd July, challenge has kicked started something big for us and hope to continue raising money for the charity for as long as possible!!!

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