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I was entered for this challenge by my daughters. I had not ridden for 30 years and had no intention to get back on a horse. But, having followed Hannah's journey and many of my friends have been fighting cancer, I embarked on the hardest challenge of my life! I started slowly in January and overcame the initial fear of horses. However, that came back with bells on when I started to jump. I set my target for our local event and worked towards it. So, on Saturday, I actually managed to complete my challenge. It was a bit touch and go and I had to really push myself as the fear and nerves were terrible. I have really not enjoyed this 6 months of learning to ride and jumping 85-90cms, but we did it! It was a brilliant feeling going through the finishing posts!! I have had an amazing amount of support from so many people which got me through this challenge. I have also managed to raise £1300 +, which was way more than I had hoped for! It's been a roller coaster of a journey and I'm glad it's over but so proud of my achievements!! Thank you Hannah!

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