Bumbleblog continued.....

Our mission .... Area horse trials qualifiers at poplar park!! Wow the human isn't very good at early mornings!! What a faff!! Thankfully big Vic was bathed and plaited yesterday and she sewed the plaits in so they were still ok!! Battle truck packed and off we go!! Journey no hassle .. Apart from the humans horrendous singing!! On arrival to poplar we settled big Vic in and reported for hats, passports and numbers. All done then off to the cross country, human was very excited as no new questions and all the jumps done at a previous event!! Showjumping also lovely and simple!! We met up with Tendring hundred riding club members and was a lovely atmosphere. The posh bit went as well as could be expected and big Vic very interested in everything apart from the job in hand, ready for showjumping and off we go!! Just an unlucky pole for us but what a thrill to fly round!! Tessa human and many other helpers got us ready for the fun bit!! Yippee through start we went and wow another clear round!! That's 4 in a row!!! I'm loving being an adrenalin Willberry!!! Results an and human pleased but no pretties for us!! Back home we went and lots of cuddles for both me and Vic. Until next time!! Love bumbleberry xx

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