Further adventures of Bumbleberry, big Vic & the human....

Mission .... Stratford Hills horse trials. Off we went to a very sunny Suffolk. I helped bath big Vic before we left so that he would not over heat on the journey there, it was going to be a scorcher!! We left in good time and had a laugh at all the cars on the opposite way queuing for Clacton. On arrival the human ensured that both Vic and I were ok and settled. Vic stayed at the trailer munching while human and I met the lovely number secretaries and made sure fellow Wobblies were signing in. Next visit was to the jump judges, the wonderful Thornley family and Karen doing a fab job (Danielle and jack being the cover stars of the programme!!). We went to meet the be80 mentor Maria Jarvis. I had a good look around the xc start control box then we set off on a very informative course walk. En route our groom the wonderful Fiona Gordon-Clarke (who happens to be of Carriagehouse insurance the main sponsor!!! Fiona is on her horse Mr Mulberry on the big sign on the way in!!) informed us we needed to be back with Vic as she was about to break into the truck for his tack as dressage needed to be done!! Hurrying back we quickly got ready and on board. A very quick hot stuffy warm up then the test, rhythm and accurate, but tad nose poky but least remembered!! Back to the truck for Vic, then off to walk the sj with be80 mentor Michael Paveley, plan of action done!!! Quick warm up in horrendous heat then buzzzz off we went!! Just one pole and human messed up!! No time to breathe or to allow human to panic then quick boot change and it's off to the xc phase!! Before we know it we are off!! With the human squeaking with excitement all the way round we finished with a clear!!!!! Stratford Hills volunteers were amazing washing off Vic and Fiona dousing the human with water too!! Fiona told the human that when we do 90s we mustn't squeal so much!!!! Vic all settled off to the results!!!! Wow wow wow finished 13th yippee!!! Many fellow Wobblies competed today and they were all so very brave! Stratford Hills commentators team made everyone very well aware of the charity and were just brill!!! ... Next mission .... Brc area a horse trials at poplar park - qualifier!!! Next Sunday!!


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