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All I can say is.........we did it! Aston le Walls UA pre intro tick. For me that is my Wobbleberry Challenge as I now have to put down the reins and do some school stuff and pay some attention to my long suffering family. (They didn't live with me in my rowing days so it's been an adjustment!) Aston le Walls is clearly Algy's favourite place (which I had forgotten of course) and obviously because we had start box issues last week he thought he'd test me in another way today. The dressage was 'exciting' to say the least. I think it was because it was next to the cross country and he's so tall he could see over the hedge but the more we worked in the more I rideable he became. Carolyn Rowe tried, Wiggy Bamforth tried but he was basically break dancing through the whole test for a pretty embarrassing 50.5. But... We stayed in the arena. Next up the jumping. Much more to his taste. He was soft and adjustable and after rushing into it last week I took my time and we popped round for a respectable 8 jumping and 5 time. Which was fine. Then the heavens opened, very wetly! And we'd already committed to no studs...eek! I have to admit after last weeks start box dramas I wasn't hopeful but he loves ALW. With some brilliant planning and communications between Carolyn and Wiggy and I we strolled down the horse walk into the warm up with a minute to go. Popped into the start box on 4321 go and off! Wow my horse is amazing. Galloping on but coming back when I asked jumping everything. He did try for some intermediate fences on the way out (took a fancy to Jamie Wright's 'lady in a bikini' as a third element of what seemed to him a rather straightforward combination) but luckily soon settled and we stormed home. He is tricky sensitive, talented and my best horse buddy in the world ever. Sorry Algy that I'm such a wimp. I might try a bit more manning up when my knees have reduced in size a bit. My scores according to the board should be 69.5 but I think there's been a translation error on bdwp and it recorded the XCT as 40.0 rather than 4.0 so on there it is 103.5 and 30th but hey I did it! And my just giving page is looking better for it! #kickingcancersbutt

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