Worcester Wobbleberry - Nicola Lee

Nicola bought Dexter as a three year old with an idea to event him, her daughter having grown up it was now her turn...however tho easy as a youngster he then had a teenage period, threw her badly and therefore she lost confidence. At the same time her grown up daughter returned home plus partner and baby! So Nicola was...busy! She continued riding at home, and took her amazingly committed husband to walk round various xc courses, not walking the course the day before an event, just walking in the hope that one day she might be there with the horse as well! So the Wobbleberry Challenge was the perfect incentive she needed! She had no transport but undeterred booked some and took Dexter off for his first Dressage clinic. All went well. But Dexter is a big boy and remembered the smallness of the 3.5 hire van...so when the day came for Nicola to go and do her first ever dressage test...Dexter was having none of it! So as she is a trier ...she tried again...and again lost not only her entry fee, her £65 hire fee but also the skin off her hands and a large amount of her sanity! But as I say she is a trier...so a trailer was booked...he would go better on a trailer! Unfortunately she was let down at the last minute by the transport guy - bah! But fortunately this happend just as she had bravely agreed to ride my old boy Monty as a demo rider for training Pony Club trainers. She was terrified, yet from meeting Monty, climbing on, announcing she may just walk round...within ten minutes she was cantering happily on both reins round a large indoor school! So having already entered the dressage comp later in the week...the perfect solution, I would bring Monty and she would ride him! And she did!! Her first ever dressage test, after 7 years of planning to event!! The score was not high, the judge deemed him 'unlevel behind'..he's twenty four I told her! She was actually lovely saying she'd wanted us to know why the marks were low, nothing to do with Nicola's wonderful execution of the test. She didn't care...she'd remembered the test, got a 6 for her riding and most importantly GOT OUT THERE! Trailer therapy is still in the offing for Dexter. Nicola knows she is not going to do a BE 80 on him this season. But Wobbleberries have started her on the journey! And seeing her smile that day, that achievement, of doing Intro A on a borrowed old horse one Thurs evening, was as big if not bigger than the doing of a BE 80 is going to be for some of us! And there's no stopping her...jump lesson on Monty scheduled for Monday, then round a mini xc course with us next Sunday, with a view to do a mini ODE on him in July! Go Nicola, go Wobbleberries, and we hope eventually go Dexter

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