Naomi Wright & Ballybough Dougie

BE Ascott Under Wychwood




What a fantastic experience! I very nearly withdrew as our lead up preparations were far from ideal & not confidence building. So, so glad I continued. Hannah's bravery & the fact that others had sponsored me made me determined to at least turn up & do the dressage. I amazingly remembered the test, having previously gone wrong in almost all our practices. After some spooking at the marquee, Dougie settled to do an ok test resulting in a respectable 32.5 score. Then we had a couple of hours off so I went & walked the XC & SJ courses. The XC course looked amazing and I really wanted to give it a go. I highly recommend going on the course walk with the BE coach. I found this motivating & very supportive & gave me a courage boost to give it a go. The coach even gave me a lift back to the lorry park as I was running late to get ready for the show jumping!! It was then all action stations go so no time to get into a panic, I just had to get on with it! My confidence was not helped when Dougie stopped at the first fence in the show jumping. Grrrrrr! This made me cross and all the more determined, we then jumped the best we ever have done. My aim for XC was to be brave enough to start & to stay on. This is because at our 'practice' event I fell off at the last fence so I had low expectations. We somehow managed to jumped all fences clear!!!! but 13 time faults due to me being too wimpy to go fast down hills! All aspects of the day exceeded my expectations & I feel prevaledged to be part of the Wobbleberry Challenge. Thank you 😊

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