Worcester Wobbleberries - May update

Nicola Lee on my old 24 year old Monty doing her first ever dressage test...


An important milestone in our journey to a BE 80 event...we won an unaffiliated 70 event on Sunday, carrying round our Hanberry Wonder Pony! Great day out Steve felt wonderful the XC felt the best we've ever done...onward and upward! And we even became the bottom of Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre as they used our pic for their profile picture!


Worcester Wobbleberries out competing in practice event After our training as promised three of us competed in Lincomb Equestrian's Mini ODE. I was wussy and also didn't fancy Prelim 2 so did the 60 cm class, pleased with best ever Prelim dressage score 33, and jumping fab except for rider error but the 4 faults added still left us 5th which was a treat! Brave girls Louise Carter and Jane Summers did the 70 cm class and both jumped all the jumps with just few sat nav errors from Louise! A great day out on our journey . And thanks to Top Groom Nicola Lee who is having loading issues, but wanted to come out and be part of the day. We will get her and naughty Dexter out to the next one!


Personal Postscript to Easter Training!

A first for me today...managed to get my air jacket to go off...but I stayed on! Like you see them at Badminton sometimes and think...what great recovery ha ha! If you look carefully at the second photo you'll see it's still inflated! Time for me to just use my ordinary body protector for schooling over poles on a surface methinks! And I can donate the £17.50 I save by not having to buy a new air cannister to the Wilberry Pot! Win win!

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