Adventures of Hanberry

This is Hanberry, descendant of Willberry ...named as we live in Hanbury, but I also like the reference to Hannah Francis, who is the reason we are all doing this. Hanberry came in time to go to our first training competition together...I later realised perhaps attaching him to my bib before the dressage was not such a good idea...people are very supportive but we don't want to get the wrong side of the dressage judge! So we fixed him on for the SJ! This paid off as we got our best ever dressage score and even with a naughty SJ pole went on to win the 70 cm unaffiliated event! Having Hanberry on board is obviously a good thing!

And in the process Hanberry became famous as the new face...or bottom...of Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre as they made us their profile picture! I think Hanberry had a bit too much prosecco celebrating our win! As he kept falling over I popped him into a note holder...fellow wobbleberry Louise Carter thought he looked as tho he was on a potty?! The next weekend off to Ace Cross Country for some training. Then last weekend very busy...our first ever 80 cm hunter trial...we didn't quite make all the 80 cm jumps but were pleased to be brave enough to do quite a few! Then the following day back to Ace for more training with Nik Targett...who congratulated me on my brave pants when we opted for the biggest fence out of three at the end of a run! Hanberry obviously a good influence on me! xx

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