Susi Stacey & Centauri Diamond Star

BE Poplar Park




Susi’s Wobbleberry Challenge! 😊

Our Wobbleberry Challenge started with four of my friends turning up to travel in the lorry with us; me, Dalton and Strawberry (my Wonder Pony mascot) Rachael had had plaited the night before for me (very pretty plaits!) We felt quite relaxed as we had so many helpers!

Stressage was first up. Jo & Rachael tacked up and put studs in for me while I got ready, I could get used to this. It meant not having to tack up with the shakes and not having to remember everything. Then I was on, conscious not to warm up too early and waste energy. The number before me didn’t show so I went in early but this meant less waiting. We were spooking at XC fences outside of the arena before entering it! It went very well and managed a very respectable 38.8. Stage one - Tick.

Show jumping: It was going well until the last which was a double, Dalton just dies on me, there was a slight incline but it didn’t matter how much I kicked he wasn’t going so we had a stop. Arggh. Deep breath and represented and flew it. Four faults and a few time penalties because we reused. Stage two – Tick.

Cross-country: Having seen the jumps at Badminton Horse Trials, then walked the course at Poplar I thought they looked small and easily achievable! My only real concern was stamina (for both of us) and going the distance. It didn’t look like it was going to be easy when I could barely get him out of a trot up to the first fence but

a) it was a roll top,

b) I’ve jumped it before and

c) stopping at no 1 was NOT an option!

Pony club kicks galore and we got over it, phew. By the time, we got to no 3 we had settled into a rhythm and I was only having to kick at the jumps not between, quite a revelation! We flew round and before I knew it we were nearly home. Crossing the finish line was amazing, the exhilaration I felt unparalleled. I was so proud of my horse and wanted to do it all again.

I knew there were other Wobblies competing and met up with them after but I hadn’t realised who the couple wishing me luck and congratulating me were but I do now and they were so supportive. Rachael had tears in her eyes as did I and this photo says it all really. Thank you to everyone that helped and supported me and good luck to everyone taking part. It was the most amazing experience.


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