Melanie Day & Bridgefoot victory rebel

BE Poplar Park (2)



Adventures of big Vic, bumbleberry & the human. We don't know what our human was worried about as Vic and I looked after her so well. We all did a decent dressage and loved it when all of team Vic made a fuss of us at the end. The showjumping course walk was easy as we stayed at the trailer and chilled while human walked. The hard work started again and we flew round the show jumps like Milton to go clear!!! Team big Vic then pulled the human off Vic to get her ready for the cross country .... The human had been threatening to be sick so the change had to be fast so she didn't run away!!!! Quick warm up then off to the start box, team big Vic plus sally founder berry and Ian sent us all off! We love cross country such fun!!!! The human hung on all the way round while big Vic and I did the hard for for a clear round!!!! To be congratulated at the end by our entourage was amazing!!! Thankfully the human loved it so we all get to go again at Stratford hills next month!! Love bumbleberry xxx

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