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Well what a day at Horseheath, the sun was out and there were four Wobbleberries competing. I was lucky to have a full group of family and supporters 10 in all and they had champagne ready to celebrate! I did manage to eat breakfast, but the rest of the day was on lucozade and adrenalin quite a mix. I walked the course for SJ that looked ok I had done the XC on Friday with Tina Ure and taken photos of each jump that was helpful for me so every time I thought about the course I had pictures I could check so not to panic about going the wrong way. As I waited for the dressage to start I must admit the nerves were there and as I trotted around the white boards I did go blank, but luckily as I went up the centre line it all came back. That was ok at 37, it is not Charlie’s best element and his canter was a bit tight but huge relief to get that done. Then for him the fun part starts the SJ, I think I tried to get all the corners and lines correct and just forgot about time so was really pleased to go clear but then very annoyed at me to get 8 time faults that seemed a waste of effort! Then a very quick change for the best part, XC, I had my new watch to check the time , my trainer told me just to go clear, but that was not my aim so we set off. Half way around I realised I was not as fit as I should be, more oxygen required! but we kept going and he was superb and genuine all the way round the course with a strong gallop through the water and last two fences we had done it and in the time. The joy, delight, cheering of my supporters and what a result for all of us we definitely had a fabulous day , Charlie got huge pats and treats ( later on after cooling down) we all had champagne and then to top it off all four of us got double clears and we made it in Horse&Hound, a great day for Wobbleberries #KICKINGCANCERSBUTT

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