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BE Dalston Green



I had followed Willberry Wonderpony from the beginning as I have a daughter the same age as Hannah so when I first saw the challenge I had to join. My daughter Susie encouraged me to bring our 20year old mare out of her 3 year retirement/maternity leave and with the help of our wonderful trainers in the North East, Charlotte Ridley, Kellie Davison and John Hill, I got her fit in time to enter Dalston Green on my 56th birthday. My greatest hope was to finish on my dressage score. Somehow my nerves weren't too bad though I did have to sing when the horn sounded, and I managed to ride a reasonable test for 30.8. The BE trainer was positive and helpful at the showjumping and following her instructions to keep a good positive canter I had a clear round. A quick change of clothes and off to the bit the horse loves. Daughter had worked out my minute markers and threatened all sorts if I had time penalties. I was slightly down at the 1st minute so kicked on and galloped through the finish clear 3 seconds inside time. I was ecstatic to achieve my dream and to make my birthday complete I was 4th!! The other harder part of my personal challenge to lose 15kgs is a third complete and I have increased my original target of raising £500 has been increased to £1000 so not finished yet!

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