Wobbleberry Supporters Raising Money

Not only have we all the Wobbleberrie's around the Country training, competing and raising money for Hannah's Charity we are lucky enough to have some 'Wobbleberry Supporters' that are happy to raise money through the Challenge even though they are not officially doing the Challenge.

Karen Boulton

I am 55 a nana & from a none horse back ground ... but he's my friend my confident and my shoulder to cry on ..

I am doing my event this Sunday 30th April on my little horse that has never done 80cm XC before either ... we're both looking forward to it now ... I set up a Justgiving page thinking raise £100.00 that will spur me on and help the charity... but my friends had other ideas and I've already raised £216.00 in 4 days .... I've ran my just giving as a sort of raffle for every £3.00 my friends donate I give them entry to a prize draw ... from prizes local business have given me ..I have feed vouchers ... XC country vouchers ... skincare items ... horse items .. Fish and chip supper for 2 ... a £30.00 manicure... and more so after my event my friends will get a little tress as well ... Hopefully I'll raise more funds.


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