Vicky Wise Journey so far

Hi my lovely fellow Wobbleberries 😊 So glad to see loads of you out there doing so well! I went a bit quiet as not been sure what to say as we've had a bit of a rollercoaster ride since Easter weekend.... Everything was going so well and we had an amazing time at Hickstead on the SJ clinic kindly arranged by Anne Gartside. Gracie absolutely loved the arena and so did I. It's been a dream of mine to jump Grace there. 💕 So fab session! Photos kindly taken by Kim Nye. Then we had a XC session at Tweseldown on Good Friday Bank Holiday with Alex Hudson. I was so chuffed with Gracie and at one point in particular at the end, we jumped a log stack, to a hanging log and then cantered straight through the water. I actually felt like we knew what we were doing! All grown up lol. 😜 So all good so far. 2 hour journey home and very chuffed with my girly. Then we hit a problem.... When I was checking her over for the evening, I discovered that her right lower tendon/fetlock was swollen 😢 Not lame, but heat and swelling all the same and on the tendon, so not good. Icepacks, Witchhazel and Arnica Gel and cold hosing to bring it down. She was thankfully ok after a couple of days and then a trip to the river in our parkland at the yard. Absolutely gutted as when we got back the swelling had come up a bit 😢😢 Even despite standing in the running water for quite a while. So vets were called on Tuesday to arrange for a scan on her tendons to either see what was going on or rule things out. They couldn't see us until this Friday! So a week of no riding and no prepping for Chilham and on tenterhooks not knowing if our Wobbleberry journey was coming to an end/delay or if I'd broken my pony! Thanks to Sarah at Milbourn, scans were done Friday. Grace was such a fab girl and stood for well over hour and a half while she had her legs shaved and the Vet ultrasound scanned. Apparently it took so long as she couldn't find much, other than a bit of swelling around the right Check ligament. Luckily though not coming from the ligament itself as both were same size each leg. Tendon fibres all straight so nothing she can really find! Think she'd either knocked herself or I'd done her XC Boot up too tight. 😒 So given thumbs up to carry on. Build up from trot and then canter work soon if all stays down. So today was the test...I was to ride her and make sure the swelling would stay down... PHEW!! I have never been so relieved in my life! So we start canter work tomorrow running through dressage test, and then build up to a faster run on our local sand gallops that a friend of the lady at the yard is kindly letting us use. Just as well as tonight on the way home, I received a text from Chilham with my accepted entry and number!! Fingers crossed for the rest of this week in our run up to Chilham.... How do all these Eventers do this all the time. It's soooo stressful !! 😜 Few pics of our journey!!

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