Carrie Pillow & FEY DELORE




This was our 1st BE Event; at Northallerton, it was Brilliant. In the dressage we had 1 unfortunate error due to rider sat nav error. We were clear in the show jumping, then a stop XC at the 2nd fence , I didn't have my leg on enough. I will have time faults as they held me to let another through. she was very tired but brought me home safe, I love this mare. Faye I have owned since she was 4, I bought her in the June only 2 months after coming over from Ireland to be backed. We almost walked away as her schooling was poor and she couldn't trot, but she had 'BREAKS'. She had something so i took the chance and bought her, then took her back to basics. She is very much a Alpha Mare, very Dominant, and difficult to handle on the ground, but is a dream to ride. We have achieved this, thanks to our Trainers Samantha Jimmison & Bethany Shipley

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