Yogi Breisner helps the Wobbleberries!

So here is a little taste of our journey...

Having had a bad experience on a BE try eventing clinic last year I have been somewhat fussy as to who I have to teach me! Have been very much sticking to my usual trainer Bryony Wilson, who is the reason I am doing the challenge in the first place! However when I saw that BRC were offering a clinic with Yogi Breisner I decided to break my own rule!! It seemed just too good an opportunity to miss. When I screeched with excitement having heard I'd got in, I had to explain to my husband that it would be like him being coached by the England cricket coach!! He then began to understand why I was so looking forward to it! I was not disappointed. Yogi was the most charming funny man with such an encouraging manner, and seemed just as happy passing on his amazing knowledge to the likes of us as teaching Zara, William et al! He didn't try and tell us too much! Just one thing stuck in my mind - lower leg further forward and keep it there over the jump! and it worked! Feel so priveleged to have had this opportunity! So now every time I jump I'm like 'legs forward legs forward legs forward!' It's helping us so much to get my dear old Steve over the xc jumps and sj spreads that scare him and me! With our combined age of 75 we need all the help we can get!

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