A fine bromance...

Sorry for the long break between updates – Mum has been keeping me so busy, I’ve hardly had a minute to put my hooves up.

So much to tell you all.

At first I thought life might be easier here at my new home, and Mum had forgotten her challenge (it is definitely a challenge for her rather than me, I can do anything if she wasn’t such a handicap…)….but no, she was as I suspected busy looking for a new “friend” for me. After Bumble the polo thief, you can imagine how I felt about being subjected to a new “friend”. There was a very brief arrival of a bossy woman that worried me, but fortunately she was a short term visitor. My new “friend” has been part of the family for about 6 weeks, his name is Smartie. At first I was very sceptical, but actually now I am rather pleased he is here. It means Karina is part of the new family. She is lovely, very sensible, but most importantly another polo dispenser, who can also be thanked for introducing me to extra strong mints. For those poor deprived 4 legged's out there not aware of these – think polos on steroids!

While Smartie is taller than me, and half my age - I know I am far the more handsome. He is a bit of a weedy thing but he can’t help that. There is also no way he could carry off the “Punk” hairstyle I am currently subjected to (while Mum grows my mane in the vain hope she'll have something to cling on to), but in his own way he isn’t unattractive.

I have noticed that he gets haylage instead of the hay that I have (I have no idea why – Mum is the one that needs to count the calories, not me) – but the great news is, he shares it.

Whenever we go out together, he has a big net of haylage. I eat that first, before my hay – and he doesn’t mind. Super chap! I have a much harder job with Mum to carry, so he understands I need to keep my strength up. He only has to carry Karina, and I doubt he even notices her – so it is completely reasonable. Thank goodness he is clever, and had worked all this out. Mum says we have a “bromance” – but to be honest I rarely listen to the nonsense she spouts.

Since Smartie has arrived, so has the lorry. It seems we are out ALL the time. Ok, so Smartie may be jumping higher, but I have to do everything twice. Once Karina and I show Mum how it is done, then Mum climbs aboard and I show Mum again. We have gradually got Mum jumping something that I can’t step over, and I even tried to take her cross country recently. That was less of a success, I think it is going to take a long time to get her used to this. I understand all about optimum times, and Smartie had the cheek to suggest I may struggle with this, being built for comfort not speed. Well – he has no idea. Show me a cross country fence and I am off – I can work out where to go next and can fly round. Mum was less than keen on this. Apparently she wants “brakes” and a gradual build up. So I need the patience of a saint. Schooling Mum is going to be very slow progress – but I am hopefully that between Karina and I, we can persuade her to follow my lead. Time will tell – this is going to be tedious. While Smartie gets to go cross country and is heading to Norton Disney, I will be stuck watching with envy while I persuade Mum that cross country fences are to be jumped not walked up to. WISH ME LUCK!

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