Times are up!

My mobile beeped this morning and there it was in black and white my Aston times right in front of me. I could feel the nausea rising as I studied the text, it really is happening! Quick phone call to eldest daughter to finalise our departure plan for the day and lots of time to get nervous! Aiming to arrive at Aston by 2pm to walk the cross country and then meet the BE80T trainer for the show jumping course walk at 2.40pm before getting on for dressage at 3.40pm, well that is the plan anyway!

Popped out to Boots to get some more rescue remedy it really has been my savior these last few weeks and whilst walking down the street went through the dressage test in my head whilst reciting All King Edwards Horses, cue some very bizarre looks from passers by. Going to do some canter work tonight and then some light work on Saturday including a test run through. Tonight I am going to work on a spreadsheet check list for packing the trailer and car in the hope that we will not leave anything behind.

Heels down, chin up and keep kicking!


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