Hilary & Rocky - The Dreaded Dressage!

This weekend we finally knuckled down and went to dressage training which I have to say I have been avoiding as it is my least favourite discipline, but then again I don't have a favourite one either!

We went to a South Oxfordshire Riding Club clinic with Susie Pilbeam, the other ladies I was with were both doing Novice tests and I did feel a little intimated with my BE 90 but Susie was great very encouraging and gave us all pointers to work on. With three weeks to go my core is still sadly lacking and we were struggling with the canter. The transitions are OK but if I move my hips or body even slightly then Rocky shows off with an exuberant flying change! We worked on me holding my body position really still after the transition. At the end we went through the whole test and I nearly remembered it correctly, the letters seem to come up even quicker than the numbers on the show jumps so I am employing the same strategy and forgetting the arena letters and learning the pattern of the test.

My aim for the actual test is to stay in the boards and canter on the right legs if we manage that then I will be most pleased!

Hoping to make the most of my week off and get out and so some cross country practice later this week.........

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