Hilary and Rocky - Time to Gallop!

Decided that Saturday was time to gallop and see how my legs would hold up to being up out of the saddle, dragged my long suffering hubby over with me and we headed off to Attington Stud. When we arrived there were two horses on the gallops and Rocky though this was most exciting, he was very lively to tack up and I had that sinking feeling in my stomach about getting on. Actually getting on seems to be a big struggle when we are out somewhere, I think it is a combination of being nervous and my balance is just not what is used to be!

Anyway with hubby's help got into the saddle and Rocky dived around a little he was very keen to get going and on our first circuit in walk and trot was very busy doing a giraffe impression trying to spot where the other horses where. On the second circuit he settled beautifully and we got into what I felt was a really good rhythm but after just a short time my calves were cramping so we slowed down and I looked like a right silly billy circling my legs to ease the cramp. We picked up the canter again and my darling hubby decided that hanging over the rails was a great way to get a good shot, Rocky decide he was a monster coming to get us and we went sideways very rapidly with a huge spook. Cue some expletives from me and a hug of Rocky's neck but we picked it back up and completed our last circuit.

On Sunday morning it dawned on me exactly one month to the day we would be at Aston Le Walls doing the challenge, it all seems very daunting now but at he same time my just giving page broke the £900 mark so we have to keep going.

Next stop will really be the dressage, I have been putting it off for too long so we are booked in for a riding club clinic to have a go at those circles, aim is to stay in the boards and canter on the right legs! Simple? we will see!

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