Be careful what you wish for....

As you may recall, I had on learning that I was to move home, decided I needed to keep a much closer eye on Bumble. The first thing he needed to learn was that ALL the polos are mine, and he should refuse them. Moving to our new home got off to a great start, I was in the stable next to Bumble (no sneaky hidden polos) and Mum HAD to walk past me to talk to him. Well, I NEVER let her walk past me, so that was fine. If she tried, I grabbed her jumper or pocket, whatever my teeth could reach first.

On the odd occasion she did sneakily go into see him (its possible I was distracted by a haynet), I was very pleased with the stable walls that meant I could see them both. I went into the corner as close as I could, and grew huge just to remind them both who the most important creature was. There should be no doubt, but honestly Mum is very odd at times.

The next day, things improved further still. Bumble was in the same field as me. Well, I do like the new landlady Serena, she is obviously on my side. Clever lady! I took the opportunity to explain a few facts to Bumble. He was a much quicker learner than Mum.

So - I thought this might work after all. Bumble seemed to be learning his place - Humble Bumble. I could save my energy for the polo dispenser. But of course, my life can't be that simple. I heard Mum chatting one day, and she said sadly Bumble was far too green for her. To this day I have no idea what she was talking about. GRASS (second only to polos) is green. Bumble was just a horrible muddy colour. So Bumble has moved to a lovely new home so I am told, and rumour has it, with now 2 polo dispensers of his own. I knew he was a crafty one. However, I have Karina in my life now - a firm favourite, as she has introduced me to extra strong mints. Clever girl. She is so much brighter than Mum. So I think this is all for the best, I am able to concentrate on training Mum. I am working on enlisting the help of all my new lady friends, and between us we might be to manage it. Sounds like all is going well doesn't it - but I have 2 new worries.

1) I saw Mum looking at Bumble's empty stable, and saying how much she liked coloured horses. I have a plan for that though, as soon as they aren't looking I will get out of this rug, find some mud, and show Mum just how versatile I can be. No need for a coloured at all!

2) My new field mate is tiny - he comes up to my knees. He is great for a game, and I am sure he loves me playing with him in the field - but I am slightly worried about the food rations here - if he has been here that long, and is still so tiny......this is of great concern

Watch this space. I will persevere with training Mum however painful it may be, but I have a sneaky suspicion she has plans for the empty stable, and I will have my workload doubled again. Life is tough at time - wish me luck.

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