They both have so much to learn, it is such a worry....

So last time I told you Bumble was on his own, after realising he was a polo thief. Don't be fooled by this picture - I'm no keener on this new addition, but I have been forced to talk to him. Simply because he needs to be told, before between him and Mum, they create havoc. It's a real worry. 3 weeks in, he broke Mum!! Broken Mum = no polo visits, that is the MOST serious thing that can happen. I will have to face up to loosing a few polos to him, for the greater good.

6 years I have looked after her and trained her as best I can. She is not the quickest learner, but the basic I have instilled is that when we are out together or in the school, she stays in the saddle and out of my way. Obvious, you would think - but there have been a few times it has been a close thing - one instance I recall she was hanging round my neck as I tried to catch her, but I managed it. I am quite proud of my record with such a backward passenger.

Bumble, on the other hand, does not seem to have got his head round any of the basics. Rule number one - you have 4 feet, use them to stay upright. FAIL. He fell over. Before you start to imagine some unseen obstacle and feel sorry for the young chap, forget it. There was nothing there. He fell over his own feet. Rule number two - look after the polo dispenser. FAIL. He fell, picked himself up (ok, some credit for this) - and then decided to hurry back to where he was heading before he fell (really, what is the rush.....) - met the arena fence, abrupt stop. Result? One broken polo dispenser on the floor. Luckily not seriously broken (really, as round as she is, surely she should have bounced?) - so only a brief interruption in polo visits. It made me realise though, I can't just trust the 2 of them to get on with it - so, with some trepidation at the task ahead, I am now trying to train not only Mum, but the young upstart too. What have I let myself in for? Is it even possible?

Slightly more positive news for my pains - somehow, Bumble had managed to get into the first stable on the yard. Now I was quite happy with my current accommodation - until I realised, the cheeky git can get polos on arrival and departure that I am unaware of - and that ruins my polo stats. No graph this month, I just cannot trust the figures. I was working on a spy network to help me, but he is such a charming chap (to those that cannot see the truth) that I think even my beloved Stacey may not tell me the truth, as she has fallen for his charms. However, the positive news is that our accommodation will be changing. I will be stabled next to this infiltrator, and so I can keep a much closer eye. We are moving to a new home - and instead of being 90 minutes away from Mum (and something I don't understand, but seems to be very nasty...the M25?) - we will be 2 minutes from Mum. So surely this means a change from weekly to daily polos? I am happy about this of course, because otherwise there will be lots I will miss about the current home. Mum tells me not to worry, everyone loves me, and the new people will love me too. Still, I will miss the people that provide room service at the moment - and even the nasty one that makes me work hard, is forgiven as he comes round every night with plenty more hay. So, lots of changes ahead, a new home, and a huge training task. I knew I had to train Mum for next year, but will training Bumble too just be asking too much of me? Appealing to any 4 leggeds out there with ideas on how to manage this? At the very least, wish me luck!

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