I don't think she even realises what she has done.....

It has been a good news / bad news few weeks since Mum has come up with this ridiculous challenge. Being a naturally optimistic chap, let’s go with the good news first

  • Mum’s visits have increased – which naturally translates to an improvement on the polo graph. This is something I track religiously. It gives me a good idea of how she is coming on in her training. She had some in her hand that she forgot to give me yesterday, so I accidently caught her hand with my teeth just as a gentle reminder. I find this is normally an effective method, although only on Mum. I would not dream of behaving like this to the yard staff, we have a very different relationship – and they don’t seem to know about polos anyway.

  • Yasmin Stuart came to give me a lovely massage, and this is to be a regular treat. This was a mixed blessing, the treatment was great – but Yasmin didn’t feel the need to suggest a few days off after treatment, very remiss of her. Note to self, look stiffer next time….

  • Last weekend we were out competing – something that has not happened in ages, and this time it was dressage to music. Well, I have put on my dancing shoes with Emma several times, so I know what is expected – but never with Mum. I liked her music choice though, she picked Game of Thrones (I assume this is about King’s and Prince’s, so this was obviously with me in mind) and then The Apprentice (this must have been for her, and seemed very apt.) I tried my best to carry Mum round, and she came away with a ribbon and lots of smiles – apparently this was part of her GOAL SETTING (something never mentioned before, but somehow seems linked with this challenge). As far as I am aware, we need to be jumping, so not quite sure how this music malarkey fits in, but I learned many years ago that Mum doesn’t seem to follow obvious logic, so I just let that one slide.

  • This weekend was Mum’s first jump lesson – well, all I can say is she has got a lot of work to do. All we needed to do was canter on a 20m circle, and pop over two tiny jumps – that started just as canter poles. She was hopeless! I got bored of stepping over tiny poles so a couple of times I decided to pretend it was a bigger jump, to give her an idea of what was coming. She did not seem to appreciate that though. Silly woman.

And now for the very bad news….

There has been an addition to the family. A 6 year old upstart called Bumble. At first, I thought this maybe wasn’t such a bad thing. Mum was mumbling about needing more hours in the saddle, and so having a kid to be able to share this with seemed a fairly sensible idea. He seems a very quiet, unassuming chap. He has lots to learn, but I thought I could spare the time to share a few words of wisdom about how to manage Mum – but frankly, after what I saw yesterday, he can learn for himself. Doesn’t he look the picture of innocence ?

Well, don’t be drawn in. You will be horrified to learn he is a polo thief. Ok, it was only one, but I saw MUM giving him one of MY polos. This needs to be stopped, and soon – there is no telling where it could end. So, I am sorry to worry you all, but you can imagine just how serious this is. All plans are now focused on making sure this does not escalate. My thinking cap is on…..

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