That’s another fine mess….

How did I get here? One minute I was volunteering my expertise as a PR consultant from the safety of my home office and the next minute I was agreeing to take part in the Challenge of a lifetime.

The conversation with my 20-year old eventing-mad daughter went something like this…

Beth: “Mum, you can’t hide behind the PR, you are one of the Founder Wobbleberries. You have to lead by example.”

Me: “I would, but I don’t have a horse anymore and any way I will be far too busy managing the PR, I just won’t have the time…”

Beth: “You mean you are too scared to get on a horse again? What would Hannah say?”

Me: …….(lost for words – a rare occurrence!)

Beth: “And you do have a horse…you can ride my horse Joey. He’ll look after you.”

Me: “But I haven’t even sat on him.”

Beth: “Well, now’s your chance.”

Ok, sounds easy doesn’t it? To be honest up until a couple of years ago I wouldn’t have thought twice about getting on a horse, but after I was taken off with around an arena and came off on top of a fence cracking two ribs and taking the skin off my arm from top to bottom I completely lost all of my confidence and the thought of ever getting on a horse again sent me running for the hills!

They say that “heart horses” often come along at a time when we need them the most, and it’s next to impossible to go out and find them, but they have a way of finding you instead. Joey is an 18 year old thoroughbred who came into our lives when we least expected it. He was gifted to my daughter and is kindest, most honest, patient unflustered horse I have ever met. Something inside tells me that he will bring me home!

Onwards and upwards!

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