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I came late in to the equestrian world, and at 42 I started riding lessons.

I persevered and was riding weekly, doing my Stable & Horse Management course and completing an online nutrition course.

Three years ago, I found my first love, a horse calld Bart. a Percheron X ID. I also had a shetland called Bono.

Bart was hard work and being my first horse, I found it hard work and he wasn’t the most friendly of horses, but in the 2 1/2 years of owning him I learnt SO much.

Before Christmas, I made the choice to sell Bart, and I found myself a new steed called Harry.

Harry is lovely and he is giving me my mojo and confidnce back.

when I signed up for thr challenge I hadnt even done a dressage test. i felt very out of my depth, which is why I started the Wibbly Wobbly Wobbleberries, as I figured that there must be others who were as mad as I was to sign up for the challenge.

Lat year Bart and ai managed to get out and so some intro dressage tests, and a clear round SJ, so we are starting to do a bit more now, and hopefully Harry will give me the confidence to keep going and axhieve my ultimate goal.

Other than that, I am 45, and suffer with Crohns, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, IBS and Obstructive Sleep Apnea, so I have a fair amount to contend with, and I had to ill health retire from my career, so now I am Dobby the house elf, and I live with my OH in a love,y village a few miles away from Bury St Edmunds.

I love Photography and Music, I am also a mixed media artist using free motion embroidery, paint, materials etc to produce some pieces, which I hope to sell when I start my business.

I have my own FB Wobbleberry Challenge page:

and Harry & Bono write their own diaries too:

I would appreciate it if you’d pop over and ’Like’ our pages.

I am looking forward to writing my blogs and seeing how we grow.

I may not do it in a year, but I will get there!

I am very proud to be a Wobbleberry, and was very humbled to win a ’Spirit of Wobbleberry’ award. i also won a day with Andrew Hoy, however, because of my current health situation, I have had to defer until next year, but I cannot wait

Exciting times ahead.

Teresa ‘Ginge’ Lewis
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