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Hi, my name is Rachel, I am 37 and live in the East Mids. I own 3 horses Dushy Lady, a 15 yr old ex point2point winner, Winter a 4yr old KWPN who is actually now out on loan and Shelby a rising 3yr old Friesian.

The reason I have signed up to complete the WBC is because last year I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. After 5 rounds of chemo, 25 sessions of radio and 3 sessions of brachtherapy unfortunately it was still there and had spread to my bowel. After having 2nd opinions etc it was decided that the only form of treatment would be a total pelvic exenteration, this would mean that all of my reproductive organs, my bowel and my bladder would need to be removed leaving me with 2 stomas. Even though the operation went well I then had complications and had to spend a further 5 weeks in hospital. I am still yet to heal fully and have ongoing problems but am facing it head on and not letting it rule my life.

Before surgery I was under no illusion that I would never be able to event my 4yr old which is what I bought her for at the age of 2. So I made the heartbreaking desicion to sell her, but as you have read above she is on loan, as the day before I went into hospital, out of the blue a lovely lady wanted to try and give her what I couldn’t but without me having to sell her and I couldnt have asked for a nicer home for her. However after surgery I thought not only would I never event but I wouldn’t ride again, it had affected by mental health alot. I didnt want to see Dushy at all as all I could see was my previous life, not my future and it was heartbreaking.

Fast foward 2 months and the only thing that could get me through these dark times was Dushy (funny that!), I finally learnt that she can help and we still could have a life together thanks to my amazing friend and instructor. We then also bought Shelby so that I could have a quieter life than bouncing around on a 15yr old that still thinks shes 4! However.......... anyone that knows me, knows I dont sit around and do..... I get bored, I get mentally frustrated so whats the best therepy??? Riding!!! I have been in the saddle for 4 weeks now 2/3times a week, I have no core strength am being constantly sick, have lost a total of 4stone and am in pain alot but this is my home and yes I am riding the 15yr old rising 4yrold TB.

Then one morning I wake up and think if I get one chance to this, it is now. So I signed both myself and Dushy to complete this challenge. I would like to point out that Dushy has really only been used for dressage as shes very fancy. Don‘t get me wrong I have jumped her, I have taken her XC but this was when I was well, and yes she was full of springs then...... but age has not matured her, she thinks she knows best jumping and it is very much a hand in mouth situation..... point, go,whiplash!! by the end of this year I will be jumping her and I will have completed our 1st dressage post surgery. Next year 2020 is our Wobbleberry Challenge.

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