Join date: Mar 2, 2018

I been lucky enough to be round horses all my life and first started riding when I was 3. I have always been pretty fearless, but someone flicked a switch a few years ago and I lost confidence about jumping, so this Challenge is about getting my mojo back

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, and after treatment have been given the all clear. Hannah's story has been such an inspiration to me and I felt I wanted to give something back after being lucky enough to beat cancer myself.

My wee pal Syd has been with me for 3 years. His day job is showing when he glories in the name "Brookdale Las Vegas", but he loves his jumping and tries his little heart out for me.

Please have a look at our page on Facebook and follow Syd on his journey from beauty pageant boy to finely honed equine athlete, on what we like to call our "Cobbleberry Challenge"

Marion Hutcheson