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I am one of the 4 Founders of the Wobbleberry Challenge and have dedicated a lot of my time since August 2016 with Sally, Georgie and Sam to get this all up and running in memory of the wonderful Hannah Francis and the Willberry Wonder pony Charity.

Pony mad as a child and grabbing any and every oppotunity to be around horses, i eventually was able to buy my first Horse when i left school and got a job. Horses have always been one of my greatest pleasures. Looking after and just being around, so when my daughter was 12 we brought Edward a 5 year old Connemara type pony from Ireland.

He has been an awesome pony and between them have done Pony Club, Riding Club BE and have had so much fun together.

Edward is now 22 and is still a very cheeky boy who still behaves like a 5 year old hence we have had some ups and downs in our training.

We had a fabulous time at 2 Wobbleberry Camps last year, a fabulous Clinic with Olympian Andrew Hoy and lots of different training sessions with Sarah Horrell, Nick Turner, Fred Hodges, Sarah Backhouse, Riding Club trainers and progressed so much more than i could of imagined.

We didnt manage to complete our Challenge of the BE Event but we did manage to do our first ever 70cm ODE @ Keysoe.

It was amazing and we had a fab time, not the best results as Edward didnt like the look of the scary jumps in the Show Jumping, but xc was brilliant and could not quite believe we made it to the finish line.

This year we will try our hardest to acheive our goal of the BE Event, but what ever happens i feel i have acheived so much already and would not have done any of this if it was not for Hannah Francis inspiring me and for Sally Barr for thinking up this crazy idea.

Julia Godbold
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