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What can i say? well im 38yrs (somehow?) and a single mum to a pony made 11yr old girl.

Ive ridden all my life with some great success and for a few good names, but after a big fall out nearly 12 yrs ago i took a big leap out of the horse world retiring my horse and got a tiny 2yr old tb to play about on.

A few years down the line i decided to try reining and got my perfect pony Serena how was 2yrs old rising 3 in the spring she bagged up and produced a filly foal just a plain old bay lol

I made a choice last year to ride english again so now reschool a horse who has been taught to never jump, jogging is a pace and lope is a nice slow rolling canter so speed is not really her thing!!

I suffer from fibromyalgia quiet bad and have been inspired to kick my self up the bum by Hannahs story, how she fort for her dreams, how i've let mine slip away, we soon start to live life with the what ifs instead of the so whats, so here goes, whats the worst that can happen??

PS will add photos shortly in just not overly hot on that side of thing!!

Happy wobbling x

equine logic
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