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I was always mad on horses- at the age of 5, my mum got fed up of me thrashing my rocking horse around the lounge so she took me for riding lessons!

A chance visit to a distant relative who just happened to have a 4 month old orphaned foal left me (successfully) pleading with my non-horsey parents to bring it home- I was only 10! Non of the local farmers would let him stay with them so he lived in our garage and my dad built a small coral on the garden! ’Hunky’ stayed with us until he died.

It became very clear that he would be too small for me to ride- he was only a Section A- so my parents bought me a head strong 5 year old dun tb x arab x welsh mare- she galloped off with me every week end for MONTHS I leart a lot! Caprice became a prolific rosette winner.

I enjoyed competing succesfully at local level until I had my 2 children, then riding took a bit of a back seat- I just hacked once or twice a week on my ageing mare, Katie, who I’d bought as a 5 year old and though she was still full of the joys, she eventually succumbed to colic at age 27. By this time my daughter was in pony club and I fancied getting something not too big that I could hack and go to local competitions with her. After a false start with a stunningly beautiful chunky Connemara, I found my out of work Irish gelding of unknown breeding- Could go either way😗

Well Minty’s been with me 3 years already and what a star he is-capable of way more than I’ll ever do but with non of the drama- he’s just fab.

So a year into owning him I’d decided I wanted to do a BE80- Id had a go at eventing pre kids- not very successfully- in those days you started at pre-novice which was about 110- bit too scary for me!

I planned a spring of clinics but first lesson in he pinged me out of the saddle and I really scrambled my head so no jumping for 6 months. Just at that time I decided to start jumping again I spotted the wobbleberry challenge and thought the camaraderie would be great for me.

I’ve thoroughly embraced the wobblberry challenge-I’m even a rep for Central North region, I spent a fortune training in 2017 but though I jumped some stonking fences in training, I just didn’t have the confidence to do the height in competition.

I’ve come back this year with a more relaxed attitude. I WANT to complete a BE80 otherwise I’ll feel I’ve missed out, but if it doesn’t happen this year that’s OK . I am going to get some sports psychology help from Rezone Coaching this year to train my brain!

Watch this space!

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