Emma Busk reports on Norton Disney (2)- 20th October 2017

On Friday, 21st October 2016 a group of newly-accepted Wobbleberries met for the first time at Norton Disney Horse Trials to watch the BE80(T) to get a better idea of just what they’d signed up for. These women were different ages, from different parts of the region, with different experience and different reasons for wanting to be a Wobbleberry… but they all shared a massive lack of confidence and slight fear of what lay ahead.

As we walked the course, comments such as “that’s HUGE… I’ll never get over that”, “I haven’t even jumped a cross pole”, “what was I thinking?” were repeatedly uttered. We had barely started our journey, but there were tears, hugs, laughs and mutual encouragement within this group of strangers. These women were also united in their respect for Hannah Francis and their desire to raise money and make her proud.

Exactly one year later… October 20th 2017… many of these same women plus a good number more, experienced the culmination of a year of hard work, determination, challenge and sacrifice. Battles won and fears overcome, they completed their Wobbleberry Challenge. In doing so, these remarkable, inspiring Berries have raised a total of £7,430 for Willberry Wonder Pony. And they have all achieved so much… I genuinely believe Hannah would be immensely proud of every one of them.

In total, 17 brave Wobbleberries competed at Norton Disney, racking up some pretty impressive statistics, proving that we Wobbleberries are not only brave, determined and supportive, we’re also pretty competitive! We had:


- 11 Dressage scores in the 30s

- 10 Show Jumping Clears

- 10 Cross Country Clears



Leigh Hatton shone on A Harlequin Romance, finishing on her dressage score of 35.5 and taking 5th place in Section B, while Nicola Coates & King Accacia only added 7.2 penalties to her wonderful dressage score of 30.8 to come 5th in Section C.


The following WBs went Double Clear:-

- Tessa Buckley & Doc Martin

- Emma Busk & Pilot Advocate

- Marie Bull & Pennbretti Mystic Moon

- Leigh Hatton & A Harlequin Romance

- Maggie Hull & Lottie III

- Rosemary Myers & Easter Star II

Once our WB partners had been tended to, a happy bunch of talented, tenacious and courageous ladies gathered for the BE80 prize-giving, which was followed by our Wobbleberry Presentation. I was proud and delighted to offer our thanks to the organisers of Norton Disney and to introduce one of our founder-berries, Julia Godbold, who presented the extremely well-deserved Wobbleberry Challenge completion rosettes.

So, twelve months on, a group of women shared tears (of joy), hugs (of congratulation) and popped a few bottles of prosecco as we contemplated just how far we have all come… how much we have raised… and how none of us would have done this without each other and The Wobbleberry Challenge!


Congratulations to all combinations…

Lianne Bidmead and Armani VIII, Lee-anne Bower & Back For Tea, Tessa Buckley & Doc Martin, Marie Bull & Pennbretti Mystic Moon, Emma Busk & Pilot Advocate, Nicky Coates & King Accacia, Lynda Coulson & Strawberry Tart III, Penny Dick & Maplevalley Sues Surprise, Ruth Hallam & Maith an Cailin, Leigh Hatton & A Harlequin Romance, Clare Herring & Scooter VII, Julie Horne & Mick The Scant, Maggie Hull & Lottie III, Emma Ingham & Magical Marvin, Stephanie Metheringham & Whitfield Ghost, Rosemary Myers & Easter Star II, Sally Zarwalski & I Candy.