Everyone that is helping organise this challenge, is a volunteer - most with full time jobs, and most also trying to complete the challenge themselves. As we've had people sign up from all across the UK, we've split into regions (matching the BE regions), and sub regions.

Each has their own private facebook page for members only, and with one or more reps for that area. If you have any questions about the challenge, you can contact us via the contact us page here - or contact any of the reps direct. We've been incredibly lucky these people have given up so much time - it could not have happened without them.

Meet the team....

Central West - South West Wales

Contact via e mail -  wobbleberrywales@gmail.com

Rep - Sharon Norrish


My name is Zoe Smart, I'm privileged to be the Hampshire Wobbleberries rep. I've been around horses all my life, enjoyed everything from riding school ,high goal polo & eventing. I'm classically & BHS trained. I'm already out eventing again after having children so not eligible for the challenge. It's great being part of it, be able to assist when required & sharing everyone's amazing personal journeys. Please feel free to message, email me.


Rep - Zoe Smart

Central West - Gloucestershire

I've been with horses all my life and groomed up to international level in dressage and worked for a VIP Middle Eastern family whilst they summer in England for the racing! I was their private groom. I've owed my Wobbleberry horse maverick since he was 6 months producing him myself we compete mainly at county level showing as I like 4 feet firmly on the ground, he is now 11.

Rep - Miranda Skegg

Central West -Herefordshire

Rep - Sophie Lacey

Central West - Gloucestershire

I am co rep for Gloucestershire with Miranda and I am a true Wobbleberry. I took up riding as an adult and have never really jumped until I signed up to be a Wobbleberry. It is proving to be quite challenging but I am taking little steps and enjoying the journey. I have a great partner Baxter who is a 15hh Irish gelding who I got last year and he is definitely up for it. I will probably doing my challenge next year.

Rep - Cathey Groombridge

Central West - Warwickshire and Oxfordshire


Local rep for Warwickshire


Look after Oxfordshire fb page


Contact me via fb messenger

My name is Carolyn Akeister and my partner for the challenge is Seamus he's roughly 19 we are not actually sure how old he is. My reason for wanting to do the challenge i had the pleasure to meet Hannah last year and her infectious smile and enthusiasm will be a lasting memory for me. So despite not owning a horse (Seamus is my sister in laws) and i have never competed, been watching from the sidelines as a fence judge for over 25 years including London 2012 and WEG 2014 in Normandy, this challenge felt so right to finally bite the bullet and go for it. 

Rep - Carolyn Akeister

Central West - Worcestershire, West Midlands, Warwickshire


Rep - Kirsty McGregor

Central West - South West Wales

Contact via e mail -  wobbleberrywales@gmail.com

Rep - Michelle Harries

East - Region 1

This region covers Herts, Beds, Bucks  - contact via e mail janice@hawes.myzen.co.uk

Janice is a long standing volunteer with British Eventing and was awarded volunteer of the year in 2010 for her contribution to our sport. Janice has experience in just about all the roles within an event and is currently assisting BE running Access All Areas sessions. As a child Janice was a pony club and riding club member (West Middlesex/Brakespear) and show jumped her pony in horse classes. The pinnacle of their success being highly placed at Hickstead. Janice is a Wobbleberry and has stolen her daughters (fizzy) event pony for the challenge. After not having competed for some 40 years she is now back in the saddle and has attempted a couple of tiny unaffiliated one day events. Janice works full time in London as a Project Manager and has her own yard near Princes Risborough.

Rep - Janice Hawes

East - Region 2

This region covers Derbyshire, Leics, Lincs, Northants, Notts and South Yorks

Contact via e mail  - emmabusk.wobbleberry@gmail.com

Rep - Emma Busk

East - Region 2

This region covers Derbyshire, Leics, Lincs, Northants, Notts and South Yorks

I'm Sally Zarwalski-Core  (Zedberry) and working hard to complete my challenge which started with my first lesson in January 2017 and the last one was the spring of 1979! Floss (aka I Candy, my 16.3 WBxTB mare) is 8 on L plates like me. I'm available to organise  training opportunities in and around the Northamptonshire borders.
I'm also the appointed wobbleberry  link to BE in the area and link directly with both BE's Clare Stockley Regional Development Officer  and Philip Surl Regional Coordination Manager. 
You can contact me on 07525539009,  email at zarwalski1969@aol.com or  via the official face book pages if you have any training or BE related questions.


Rep - Sally Zarwalski-Core

East - Region 3

Covers Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk

Melanie Day & Big Vic aka Victor & Bumbleberry. Head rep East region 3. Melanie is the lead rep & a pathfinder and has done her BE80 at Poplar in May , however she is continuing to fly the wobble & Willberry flag for the region.

Rep Team - Melanie Day, Kath McCabe, Dawn Moffat and Sarah Skillin

East - Region 3

Covers Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk

This is all very new to me I only started riding in 2010 but my horse has been my lifeline. I got start in November 2016 and we have just done our first one-day event together he is an awesome lad. I'm looking forward to helping and supporting everybody through the wobble berry Challenge. This is an amazing charity

Dawn Moffat

South East

Came to riding at age 37 and have a naughty, very fit 18 year old cob. Can do a hunter trial on him but only if in pairs as too scared to do anymore than about 2 ft on our own. Even tiny jumps on our own get more refusals than jumps! The idea of doing dressage, sj, xc in one day and in competition terrifies me although I will happily hunt, do endurance and adult gymkhana. Young horse is 7 but hasn't done much so it will be big learning curve for both of us. Never really competed except at endurance. Am quite brave and both horses are quite brave but my confidence leaves me as the jumps get bigger and the competition element kicks in. 

Anne Gartside

South East

Started learning to ride and volunteering at BE in my 40s. Never imagined i would be inspired to compete. Bob, my WB steed, and I are learning together. An injury to me means we are on track for 2018 rather than this year tho reached 90% of our fundraising target already. Happy to organise training or cheer fellow WBs on! Based near Faversham/Chilham and contactable via south east region facebook page or messenger

Indra Morris

South East

I have a 6 year old that I've had since he was weaned. He's very capable, but I am letting the side down! I have competed in dressage with him and are training at novice. I do jump him too and am a little more brave with show jumps than XC. A previous horse knocked all my confidence with jumping - he was a dirty stopper! My current horse is go genuine and I worry I will ruin that with my lack of confidence. XC terrifies me - I have literally been reduced to tears at a telegraph pole on the ground! I signed up to challenge myself, help regain my confidence, have fun and to raise some money for a fabulous charity. 

Nina Perkins

South West - Team Cornwall

Jo Oliver - Rep for Cornwall. I am doing the challenge on my pony Oliver, alongside supporting my fabulous ladies. Contact Jo via e mail or mobile, 07880438922 / littlestig@hotmail. co.uk

Joanne Oliver

South West - Team Cornwall

Tamsyn Hutchins. International event rider based in Looe. Tamsyn is unwavering in her support for our Cornish Wobbleberries.

Tamsyn Hutchins

TBC - Dorset?

To be supplied with photo

Clare Tredrea

South West - Devon

I have owned Star for 12 years, she is a 16hh chestnut roan mix.  Not sure of her breeding but I suspect her to be Appaloosa.  We have only done 1 dressage competition, and 1 SJ competition (3'3) the 12 years I have had her. We hack but have very limited off road hacking nearby so mostly just lanes which has become dull.  We have hunted together which I love but have never been confident enough to jump much! 

So I am very inexperienced at the whole competition scene and am a bit daunted by it.  


I have been riding since I was 4 and have an equestrian science degree so have had some formal riding teaching, but not for a while and am now unfit with (I am sure) bad habits.  

I want to support a fantastic charity, particularly as having lost my Dad to the Big C. 

Jo Gater-Willats

Cumbria & Borders

I have a 15.1 l/w show cob who despite having navicular can power round a xc course barefoot. We were told he’d never jumped – well, he loves it. He’s ubber careful and really looks after me. We’ve only managed 70cm eventer derbies here in Cumbria – but he’s come 5th, 6th and 8th so very pleased with him. He doesn’t like flatwork at all – to him it’s a total waste of time when you could be whizzing round the countryside.

I’m 54, riding most of my life and live on a small holding with another 4 horses so a busy life. I did Pony Club when younger but coming from a non-horsey background I didn’t manage too much with that. A break from horses while at uni and had my daughter meant that my next horse didn’t appear on the scene til I was 30. A succession of unsuitable mounts until I found Earl 7 years ago. A superstar show cob.

Claire Pearson

South West - Team Cornwall

Bex Vinton. British Riding Club member who regularly rides at BE80. Bex is a huge support to the Cornish wobbleberries, from attending events, to offering advice and relevant BRC training opportunities.

Bex Vinton

South West - Bristol, Somerset and BANES

Jo Page - Dressage Diva looking to raise some money and leave the ground! Owns Coco the big black throughbred! I'm a Veterinary Nurse and also run a horse transport and self hire business 

Jo Page

Scotland & the North - North East

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Lisa Quinn

Scotland & the North - North / East of Scotland

I am a 39 year old school teacher, who rode as a child but never had my own horse. I gave up when I went to Uni, but started riding again in 2007 when I moved up here. I bought Max (Chelsea's Boy) in 2009 with the dream of eventing. Life got complicated, and we didn't quite make it.

I lost my mum to cancer in 2012, just after making the decision to move down to Glasgow to be closer to her and dad, and Max went on loan for a year. 

In August 2015 I heard about an eventing camp being run by someone local. I plucked up my courage and booked a place - one of the best things I have ever done. One of the instructors was Phoebe Buckley, and in an hour and a half she got me from being terrified to leave the ground to taking on 80, and even some 90!, fences with something approaching confidence. Later that month we did a minimus riding club ODE (our third, but we had to withdraw after dressage from the second one after a slip on a corner resulted in pulling a shoe), and felt the jumps were a bit small! I did my first ever BE 80 event at Burgie last September. We completed, but it was a struggle, neither of us were really fit enough (although Max did a lot better than I did).

I wanted to be involved with the challenge, because Hannah was such an inspiration to so many people, both through her bravery and the Wilberry charity she set up.

This challenge sounds great in so many ways, to be part of something which supports those riders who hae the less than perfect set up, is so supportive, and recognises that sometimes we need a bit of a help and support to achieve our dreams, and make them seem achievable too.

Hannah was such an inspiration to so many people, both through her bravery and the Wilberry charity she set up.

This challenge sounds great in so many ways, to be part of something which supports those riders who have the less than perfect set up, is so supportive, and recognises that sometimes we need a bit of a help and support to achieve our dreams, and make them seem achievable too.

Kathryn Barnard

Scotland & the North - West, Central and East Scotland

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Carolyn MacDonald

Scotland & the North - Cumbria and the borders

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Lead Rep - Becki Glaister

Wales and Central North

I’m the main rep for Central North and organised a camp at Somerford which went down a storm, so much so that our Yorkshire sub region and the Cheshire and Shropshire sub region are both looking at running camps in September and 2018. These are open to all with priority given to wobbleberries initially. A small percentage of the income from these camps will be donated to The Wobbleberry Challenge. We welcome participants from any region - please find our facebook group @wobbleberry camps

I live near Chester, Cheshire (very close to Kelsall Hill). I’ve ridden from the age of 5 and pre kids competed locally in show jumping and cross country. Whilst the kids were tiny I kept my mare and just hacked out as she was pretty aged by then. I followed my daughter around the pony club scene and once my old mare passed away decided to get something I could hack out with her and do a bit of show jumping, farm rides etc.

I decided that I was going to aim for a BE80 in 2016 and promptly fell off in the March rendering me unable to jump due to dizziness for 6 months. Just as I was thinking it really was time I started jumping again I saw a post on facebook about the wobbleberries and thought it would be just what I needed - bit of support and camerarderie plus it would focus my mind on achieving a BE80.

I’m extremely lucky to have a great partner called Minty – he’s been there done it got the tee shirt, having been in the pony club for 3 years. I also have a 5 yr old homebred dressage horse who’s out of action at the moment, my daughter has a lovely 14.2 connemara and I have 3 ‘tiddlies’ – shetlands and a section A, all who live at home.

The ponies have to work for their keep in my pony party business. Between that and my wobbleberry admin duties I also run chocolate workshops which don’t help the waistline!

Feel free to contact me on 07954 016179.

Lead Rep - Amanda Keech

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