Emma Busk & Pilot Advocate

BE 80(T) Norton Disney (2) 20/10/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link This will be my last blog, I promise... I finally completed my challenge in every way, having reached the cross country finish line at Norton Disney (2). We were eliminated at the first fence on our debut at Solihull in August, and at the 2nd fence xc 2nd time out at Little Downham. Despite my embarrassment, I made a conscious decision to share my result with other WBs. It doesn't always go right... that is the nature of eventing. However, I was proud that I had developed the skill and confidence to even tackle at BE80... after all, isn't that what the Wobbleberry Challenge is? And I wanted other WBs to be proud of their achieveme

Katie Walpole & Hall Kelly

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Broadway 14/10/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link I cant believe that I have actually achieved this. From 0 to BE80 in a year. Hall has exceeded all my expectations and adapted brilliantly from racing to eventing. I have loved every aspect of the challenge and have had an amazing year going out and getting as much experience as possible before attempting the challenge. I feel very honoured to have been able to raise money for such a fantastic cause, and want to thank everyone that has organised this brilliant challenge, alot of hard work for you all I am sure. Hannah's story is one which is very close to my heart as I suffered a very rare form of cancer in my te

Jo Parker & Lois lane II

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Norton disney(2) 20/10/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Well we completed . Lois was amazing. 40.8 dressage one down sj with 7 f2f clear xc but again tf. Really enjoyed .

Sally Price & Fair vintage

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Little Downham (3) 30/09/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Completed the challenge but still at the start of our journey!

Leigh Hatton & A Harlequin Romance

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Norton Disney (2) 20/10/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Well we've done it, I'm still on cloud 9, still keep randomly bursting in to tears & I am so incredibly proud of my horse & what we have achieved. We finished on our Dressage score of 35.5 in 5th place, I'm still in shock! I have made some amazing new friends over the past year, met some truly inspirational people & have had the time of my life. Dreams really do come true. Hannah, I hope we've done you proud!

Deborah Crozier & Polmark Almond

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Askham Bryan 07/10/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Challenge completed! Really happy to have raised money for and been part of such a great charity. //kickingcancersbutt.

Challenge Completed....to the best of both our abilities!

Captain America aka Steve and I have had a great year and progressed well. However when we went to try the BE 80 course at Solihull it proved too much for his 22 years! He stopped 8 times and I fell off twice...I suppose the positive is that I sat six! Undeterred (or possibly mad!) we even tried again a couple of days later...4 stops and 2 falls. My instructor and I decided that enough was enough! She said she didn't think she could get him round, so I certainly couldn't. So perhaps another year on another horse, but in the meanwhile we carried on carrying the flag (or in this case Oliberry and Hanberry) round various 60 and 70 cm unaffiliated ODEs and Hunter Trials, including one pai

Johanna Jones & The Matthiesan

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Broadway 14/10/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link We went. We did it! We had a blast!! So glad i signed up to it. The whole journey was fantastic and we raised some important funds along the way. I'd do it again in a heart-beat. Good luck to the 2018 Wobblers. Pull up those brave pants! You'll love it. X

Paula Bailey & Skye Ten

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Ascott under Wychwood 04/06/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link After a successful outing at Princethorpe unaffiliated 2DE I entered Ascott under Wychwood. After a shakey star( getting lost on your own down narrow Cotswolds lanes in an old 7.5T lorry is not good for your nerves) I was met at the event by 7 members of my lovely riding club CROWN, Stacey in particular was a star helping me get ready and reminding me of what I might need, and Andrea was official photographer. The dressage was not great , we had too short a warm up and he was very tense. Then he tripped in the halt and stopped outside the arena for a wee! A full bladder can't have helped! The coursewalk wi

Clare Tredrea & Caretino Native

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Bovington 15/10/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link We did it! We've come from crying in front of a cross pole to completing a BE80 in a year. I still find leaving the ground challenging but with the help of friends and supporters have found ways of managing the fear. I will continue to fund raise for the charity hoping to reach my target of £6k very soon through various activities including a pop up restaurant, kids baking days and knitting masses of Willberry Pony scarves. Please donate if you feel you would like to help.

Alice Brown & Castleblakeney Puzzle

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Little Downham (3) 30/09/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link What an amazing experience! Puzzle and I competed at Little Downham 3 on Saturday 30th September and won our section 😀🏆. We started with what was an ‘ok’ dressage (well actually a bit disappointing) but then he did a fabulous double clear and was such a fun horse to ride for both the SJ and XC phases! Good luck to everyone who have still got to complete their challenges! 🍀

Tracey Nelmes & Bonmahon Clover Cress

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Broadway 14/10/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Never in a million years did I think I could do this! What a journey we have been on ..... met some forever friends, people who have gone over and beyond to help Tara and I and most of all we have raised £1,500 for this incredible charity!

Wendy Poulton & Island Life

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Sapey (2) 03/09/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link So Charlie and I didn't quite make it around the xc! 39.5 dressage which was great as Charlie thought that he was at the start for a race in the collecting ring, quite a few faults showjumping then a fall xc after a stop. I'm not sure if my Wobbleberry journey will continue with Charlie as he doesn't seem happy jumping but it will continue on another horse if need be. Watch this space for next year :)

Julia Taylor & Sherkin Island

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Poplar Park (2) 20/05/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link We did it! After endless training and clinics and with the help of children Pip and Andrew, whose pony I stole, we completed Poplar Park BE 80 (T) back in May with a 31.8 dressage and double clear finishing 3rd. I overcame huge nerves, managed to get myself back in shape and raised some cash for this wonderful charity.

Suzan Van Rhoon & Elmhurst Pixie

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Tweseldown (4) 01/10/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link I had an amazing time on the fabulous venue of Tweseldown. Where I am known to volunteer as well. I had a good part of the day to get my courage up (more like getting nervous) as I was on for Dressage at 16.02. My very lovely horse Pixie was all ready to go around 2 so off we went trundled. To be welcomed by the great parking man at the gate and better we where allowed to choose where to park (good, as close to the secretaries as possible). First of Prancing between white toblerones. She did her best and we pranced the correct figures in the correct places and correct paces or a decent 37.5 Showjumping a bi

Joanne Weatherall & Tralee Pete

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Askham Bryan 07/10/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Well what a day! I am physically and mentally exhausted. What a roller coaster ride this challenge has been. When I started I didnt seriously think I would ever be brave enough to complete a BE80 I didnt even know what a BE80 was! I have worked so hard over the last 12 months to conquer my fears and phobias and to be ready for this competition. I know that even though our performance was well below par we were ready. A fornight before my BE80 I stupidly declared that if my Just Giving Page got to £3000 before my event then I would dye my hair the same colour as my XC shirt, bright turquoise!!! On Sunday 1st O

Amanda Frost & Sandie

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Pontispool (2) 16/09/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link This challenge has given me a renewed love of a wonderful sport, after watching the children for years it felt so good to actually join in the fun - albeit on my sons horse, and doing it in the memory of such a courageous young woman was just the icing on the cake.

Emma Busk & Pilot Advocate

Entered into BE 80 (T) Norton Disney (2) 20/10/2017 Donate This is our 3rd BE... and while we are improving each time, we have a long way to go. Thanks to this challenge, I have conquered my nerves but Harvey still needs to conquer his xc nerves. So, here we go again... wish us luck!

Mary Ann Reay & Paddy (Phuket)

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Askham Bryan 07/10/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Completed BE80. Great challenge, great fun, great cause!

Nicola Bowley & Riversdale Zizzbe

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Askham Bryan College 07/10/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link I cant beleive it was over in a flash, all the build up, nerves and panic attacks. What I will say is how amazing I felt afterwards, it really gave me the boost and confidence to know I can do this and would of quite easily entered Norton Disney BE which is running in 2 weeks if funds would of let me. The dressage took some rider sat nav errors halfl way through which was a real shame because we were riding lovely and then was all to pot as judge wanted me to start from just before error and I got flustered over where i was ment to be going.. The test its self was difficult in a sense that it was so repeti

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