Jenni Winter & Diamond Del

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Munstead 16/09/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Here is my event report from completing my Wobbleberry Challenge BE80 on Saturday... (it's a long one) In November 2016 the 16th September 2017 seemed a very long way off. Not only in time but in the gap between my ability and what I was aiming to do! After 10 months of solid training, prepping, pushing my comfort zone massively, falling off, knackering my knees and ankles and facing my fears - I did it!! I went from no longer jumping with Della anymore (because she would rush, bounce and scare me quite frankly) to jumping a course of showjumps at a height higher than I've ever competed at in my riding life and a r

Julia Hubbard & Whitehawk fearless

Entered into BE 80 (T) Tweseldown 07/10/2017 Donate This is a massive challage for me and fi we have had our ups and downs since I signed up for this challenge, I'm so grateful to my riding instructor and my dear friends and other half, who have helped me and encouraged me along the way ( they know who they are and I couldn't have got here without them beside me ) 6 months ago to jump this horse in an open field would never have happened, let alone jump a course of jumps in a school but we will try our best to make it round in one piece.

Alice Brown & Castleblakeney Puzzle

Entered into BE 80 (T) Little Downham (3) 30/09/2017 Donate Puzzle and I are geared up and ready to go! Now quite excited about Little Downham (although I'm sure I'll be nervous on the day). My biggest concern is suddenly forgetting the course and missing a fence on the day!!

Kelly Jerabek & Misey

Entered into BE 80 (T) Bovington 15/10/2017 Donate Its been a long journey with many highs and lows but thanks to a great support team we will be out flying the Wobbleberry flag and raising money for a very worthy cause whilst achieving a level of riding I didn't thing we would get to 12 months ago. I'll be completing my challenge on my 13.3hh New Forest x mare, who's far to clever and opinionated and at times very stubborn and nappy. We've literally had blood (mine), sweat (both) and tears (mine) but there has also been big grins, laughter and some wonderful memories. Both our confidence has grown in so many ways with Kizzy being terrified of fillers to now not looking at anything to m

Victoria Gilmour & Neala

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Munstead(2) 16/09/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Lovely wobbleberry supporters , here is our event report from Munstead BE 80 (t) . We arrived in style having been driven by Super Sam Jennings ,was even able to spy on Neala via a camera ! Ground was lovely ,studs in , tack on and off to the dressage .Calm Neala was in charge of Neala's brain today so we were able to warm up sensibly with no explosive moments ! Managed to get Canter on both reins straight away and I was quite pleased with the test ending up with I think 38 .Went off to walk the cross country course again before the show jumping , quick tack change and off to warm up , Calm sensible Neala still in c

Alex Bunn & General Willie

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Munstead 16/09/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Munstead 2017 Felt numb during the run up and through the day! Dressage wasn't his best, he'd seen the xc so distracted! We lost left canter, couldn't find it anywhere - he's a right handed racehorse, who needs left canter!! 😳 On to the show the rain! It was at this point I realised why people pack a second pair of breeches, nothing to do with falling in the water on the last phase!! Note to self! Still no left canter but again not needed when you're straight to the show jump! 🤔 Willie jumped well, one one down and then a stop at the double. Funnily enough on the Left rein and guess which leg we were

Alex Hall & Edward XII

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Pontispool (2) 16/09/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Alex’s Wobbling As someone who hacks out on a horse (that’s going for a stroll on horseback) and hadn’t jumped anything for OVER 40 YEARS I didn’t think it would be too difficult… but then I started going to lessons. First thing I realised was that I had loads to learn and the second was that I was out of breath and far too unfit to do this. So as well as regular nagging from Flora and lessons from very kind professionals (especial thanks to Claire Hundley, Jo Rimmer and Steph Buchanan) I started running alternate mornings… There was a stage when I thought it was going quite well… and then I fell off practici

Margareta Bowker & Hainton Ruby

Entered into BE 80 (T) Little Downham (3) 30/09/2017 Donate So I am now entered...for the second time! Having booked Horseheath in August I then went on to break my finger in jump training 3 weeks before and had to cancel! All repaired and ready to go I'm now feeling very excited, a little nervous, proud of how far we've come in nearly a year but more chuffed to bits that we are actually going to do this #rideforhannah #kickingcancersbutt.

Stacey Ward & Rhydypandy Cardi Queen

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) Munstead 16/09/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Completed. We started our event day well with a great dressage score of 29 and well that's where the good stuff ended. Queenie warmed up for the SJ raring to go and went into the SJ ring with a totally different attitude which resulted in being eliminated at the penultimate fence. Not allowed xc. I have had a ball training for this event and met some wonderful, brave, lovely people.

Becky Madeley & Cranford Silver Boy

Entered into BE 80 (T) Eden Valley 01/10/2017 Donate I signed up to the Wobbleberry Challenge having not done a cross country jump on Flynn, his show jumping was like a demolition Derby and our dressage was definitely work in progress! Athleticism and speed are not our strength but he has a kind heart, jumps anything and looks after me. So I thought let's give this a go! It was just the motivation I needed. I've always loved eventing - watching from the sidelines!. I'm a great groom and supporting others and always volunteer to help out at BE events. Just never been brave enough or made too many excuses not to give it a go. I signed up to the challenge with Felicity Hails and it has be

Paula Evans & Billy the Cuff

Entered into BE 80 (T) Little Downham (3) 30/09/2017 Donate Excited and nervous in equal measures - relieved that billy and i have actually 'mended' together in time to complete our challenge this year!!!!

Julie Jones & Tonto XII

Entered into BE 80 (T) Twelesdown (4) 07/10/2017 Donate We took on this challenge praying my back would hold out and we could start to hopefully jump again after two spinal surgeries ........we have surpassed all my expectations , our partnership has grown beyond my wildest dreams. I've taken him from a 14.3 happy hacker of 10 years to a 17 year old competition fit eventer. I have laughed and cried , tears of happiness and disbelief but each and every step we have taken has brought us ever closer in our partnership and to the completion of this chapter in our journey together. Life is for living to the max, the memories I've made will stay with me forever just as Hannah's courage and memory

Alison Dunevein-Gordon & Cosmic Doubt

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) West Wilts (3) 09/09/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Very proud to say that we did it! This was a massive challenge for us as we literally started from trotting poles this year. We both managed to injure ourselves (separately!) and I had to fight back from a nasty head injury and a broken hand. This meant we only really started training in earnest in July and our first go at jumping 80cms was the week of the BE event! Many times I thought we would have to postpone until next year, and many times I thought I was just too terrified to continue, but we worked incredibly hard and I'm hugely proud to have crossed the finish line with no jumping penalties on the cross-co

Beth Hogan & The Mathieson

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) West Wilts (3) 09/09/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Had a brilliant day, horse was a star!

Nicky McAllister & Harley IV II

Entered into BE 80 (T) Little Downham (3) 30/09/2017 Donate Just not sure I am running before I can walk, but my husband's hunter is going to have to carry me round the XC course, as I think he is more experienced than I !

Melanie Gatt & Craan Bob

Entered into BE 80 (T) Munstead 16/09/2017 Donate I have had an amazing time completing this challenge and fulfilling my dreams. It has been a lifelong ambition to event "Properly" and to raise money at the same time just makes it even more special. I will continue to raise money until I reach my target. Tweesledown was my first wobbleberry event and to come 11th was unbelievable! We got eliminated at our next event so want to finish on a high (hopefully!) at Munstead.

Sally Price & Fair Vintage

Entered into BE 80 (T) Little Downham (3) 30/09/2017 Donate Lara (aka Fair Vintage) and I have entered little Downham and there are only 3 weeks to go! It's has been such an adventure for us. I bought Lara this time last year in order to complete the challenge. Having always been a happy hacker with a lovely fatty cob, a friend decided it was time I stopped talking about it and finally upped my game to eventing. I set out to buy a nice 15hh native gelding 12yo that had seen it all before. Having tried several of these, (most of which reduced me to tears in trot) I eventually brought home a 16.3 7yo full TB who'd done nothing but race and hunt. It's been a tricky road and I've averaged o

Annie Bevins & Askan Van Overis

CHALLENGE COMPLETED! BE 80(T) West Wilts (3) 09/09/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Well. What can I say. Askan is nothing short of a super star! Due to his showjumping commitments ( he's won the PS Para League , placed at Scope and qualified for the Bronze League semi with Toby) I have had little or no chance to practice. Suddenly it was the end of August and we had only jumped cross country fences once 6 months ago! So 3 outings in two weeks got him over his fear of water and he was terrified of a newly built ditch last week. Lots of encouragement and treats got him over. A showjumping commitment with Toby's other horse at Aintree meant no more time to practice and then whilst we were awa

Rochelle Lee & Crown A Hero

Entered into BE 80 (T) Little Downham (3) 30/09/2017 Donate I feel very nervous but ready for this challenge, the last few months due to a new stead have been testing. But finally I feel we can complete!

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