Take your pony to work & happy camping!!! Wowsers what a whirlwind weekend that was!! The human works in two jobs as a carer & a cook. Saturday the human finished her night shift caring then grabbed vic & I then shot off to work at Wix equestrian centre in the cafe, Vic and I attended as before the humans shift she wanted to take us both round the cross country for clear rounds!! Well she walked the course Friday with Vic after the lesson and between them she thought was going to do all the mahoosive ones!!! As a very sensible Willberry pony I went with her Saturday and advised her the yellow middle option were the ones to do (still beefy and 2ft9) quick change then we are off!!!!! Luckily t

Bumbleblog - mission horseheath horse Trials -

StartFragment Big Vic the human and I have trained very very hard indeed for this most recent mission, hours of dressage lessons, cross country training and show jumping competitions. A very early start of 5.30, would have been earlier had the human not been clever and sewed all Vics plaits in the previous night. This time we had the wonderful company of dear friend Liz clay. Phew arrived at horseheath in good time and journey went perfectly. Settled big Vic with his hay and water and the humans and I went off for a crepes for breakfast. 10am we met up with Michael paveley for the xc course walk which was very useful, the human quite clever as chose to do the alternative at the ditch... Afte

Debbie Pennington & Yorkies Midnight Bob

BE Llanymynech (2) 26/08/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link I am thrilled to have finally completed my Wobbleberry Challenge! Having started training for the challenge in December 2016 I have come so far, from not liking to jump a cross pole to completing at BE80. The day started with dressage and a 31.8 score and then followed with show jumping. This is my worst phase and I'd worried through the night before about the width of the first fence, an oxer. However I needn't have worried, Bob didn't notice the width at all and we had a lovely clear round. Next was XC and since starting training Bob has proved to be very reliable in this phase so I wasn't overly worried. However I obviously took things

Jane Salmon & Rocky VII II

Entered into BE 80 (T) Little Downham (3) 30/09/2017 Donate I am pooping my pants but I am also very excited. I have turned my show cob into some line of eventer!! (Well rocky style). I have met some amazing friends from this challenge and have had so much support I just want to make Hannah and my friends/supporters proud 😊.

Samantha Ottaway & Brodie II

BE Borde Hill 27/05/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link I did Munstead unaffiliated in April (same course as BE). Did dressage, clear show jumping and one refusal xc but failed to go through th finish post so had a technical elimination. I entered BE Borde Hill but eliminated in the show jumping. I've exceeded my fund raising target (£500). Like many I've put a huge amount of time and effort into this wonderful challenge but my horse has some arthritis issues so I don't want to push her much more at the moment.

Lisa Quinn

Donate Ivesley ODE (Unaffiliated) 15/07/2017 Well at the ripe old age of 20 & 46 respectfully Jake & I entered our 1st ever ODE. Ivesley was a fab venue with lots of familiar faces & a lovely friendly atmosphere. I decided a little while ago that this was going to be my Wobbleberry fundraising challenge competition & I would continue my personal challenge to progress to BE with Spud my baby horse in my own time. Jake at the tender age of 20 was unshod, a little pottery with hunting stiffness & never going achieved BE xc time so this seemed the perfect option for us as Ivesley Equestrian had kindly developed Wobbleberry sections, discount and an untimed xc.I was very nervous but managed to co

Caroline Green & One Cool Miller

BE Norton Disney (1) 08/04/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Mum doesn't really do that internet etc so thought I'd do a blog of her day myself! We left for norton disney at 6:30 in the morning!! A 3/4 of an hour Detour due to a crash and when we finally got there we got stuck in the only patch of wet in the whole lorry park!! A quick tow from the tractor and we arrived! We walked the course and once she finally learnt it she was quite confident! I did my 90 and mum was a top groom!! And then it was action time! Pony had his toes sparkling and white hair glowing! They warmed up nicely and went on to do a lovely test for 33.5. AND remembered the whole test! On to showjumping! Worried about riding a

Elizabeth Craigie & Tessa Merlins Legacy

Entered into BE 80 (T) Aswanley 02/09/2017 Donate Being a Wobbleberry has been life transforming. I ve learned so much about myself, my horse and other people. I m learning how to take my fears and turn them around. It has been amazing. Hard to believe I was hardly riding a year ago and now I am entered in a BE event.

Laura Elliott & Shanbo Shadow

BE Offchurch Bury 02/07/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link We had a super time developing our skills to enable us to complete this challenge. Our nemesis was the DREADED DRESSIJ but we've been above average ;-) hoping to continue to improve and do a bit more in the new season.

Lisa McKenzie-Crawford & Mr Prince Charming

Entered into BE 80 (T) West Wilts (3) 09/09/2017 Donate We have trained so hard for so long and have come a really long way .. I hope Prince and I can do the charity proud x

Maggi Woodward & Cuffstown Diamond Hill

Entered into BE 80 (T) Treborough Hill 27/08/2017 Donate The event is fast approaching - JJ and I will be facing our biggest challenge yet this weekend at Treborough Horse Trials. Training has had it ups and downs with a few falls along the way and the nerves are intense but we are determined to complete the challenge!

Emma Busk & Pilot Advocate

BE Solihull(2) 19/08/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Well, we have technically completed the Wobbleberry Challenge. However, our BE debut didn't exactly go to plan. A rhythmic, if a little tense, dressage test, containing a small pilot error from yours truly left us with a disappointing mark. A generally fab show-jumping round, marred by an unnecessary stop, was also disappointing. Unfortunately, the 'big event' atmosphere and proximity of the warm-up to xc start box contributed to Harvey reverting to his previous nappy behaviour. Elimination quickly followed. However, I am proud of myself for riding with commitment and determination throughout. I really enjoyed competing and my nerves were u

Helen Heenan & Hello Sunshine

BE Horseheath 13/08/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link My wobbleberry challenge completed but wow, really this is just the start! Well we came we tried but we got eliminated xc - but we did the dressage and we did the show jumping and we left the start box so I guess that's our Wobbleberry challenge finished! It's been an seriously intense year with some real personal challenges faced and the end was a bit of an anti-climax but hey that's life eh? On the way home had a chance to think and realised that I actually don't feel disappointed, the wobbleberry challenge has truly been the best inspiration for me and sonny, I have gone from the person who made every excuse not to ride, quite terrified

Rebecca Skinner & Darcy XI

Entered into BE 80 (T) Frickley Park (2) 09/09/2017 Donate With less than 3 weeks until our challenge event, the nerves are really starting to set in. We completed an unaffiliated 70 at Epworth recently, which went better than expected. Darcy was an absolute star! But I'm under no illusions - Frickley Park is going to be much tougher for us. The course is longer and the fences will be bigger and bolder. We're focusing on fitness at the moment, as we both struggled a bit around Epworth and ended up with a lot of time penalties. I have to keep reminding myself how far we have come since May this year. Before then, we'd never been anywhere other than to local events we could hack to.

Sarah Houghton & Jitter Bug June

BE Offchurch Bury 01/07/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Hello Wobbleberries It has taken me sometime to give you an update on mine and Junebugs wobbleberry challenge, that we did at the beginning of July at Offchurch Bury Horse Trials. So here it goes wasn't meant to be. We wasn't ready but lessons have been learnt and how to be ready for next time. I under estimated how much the ground condition and the atmosphere can zap a horses energy. We had an average dressage test scoring 34.0 as I had a meltdown before going into the test as I thought I couldn't remember. So a quick look at a borrowed sheet helped me, but I was shaking like a leaf.. Then came the showjumping.. The fences were up to hei

Oooopppps – sometimes there is just no helping Mum!

Well since I updated you all last, I have been an incredibly busy boy. I half thought it would be nice to have a holiday after my first BE, so decided a week later to look very slightly sore. I didn’t want to worry Mum too much, but I had seen what the rain had done to the grass and thought the lovely Serena needed my help to get the grass back under control. Sadly, my cunning plan backfired. Instead of 2 weeks in clover, I instead had a day at the vets. The vet was his most diplomatic self when talking to Mum, and managed to use another word instead of neurotic, and sent me home after taking lots of pictures of my legs. Odd man! I know I am photogenic but that is not my best angle. From the

Rebecca Darke & Nadisker AKA Disco Diva

BE Solihull 80(T) 19/08/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link It’s a long one – Get a brew and a bickie or two……. So the full report from my adventure into the world of British Eventing Official. My The Wobbleberries challenge was more mental than physical and so I made sure that I trained as much as I could. This was more for me than Disco – The whole thing was for me and not Disco – He can easily do what is being asked of him I am just catching up a little. In a final dip for the line I have been going cap in hand to anyone that will listen to get them to sponsor me. The support shown gave me a brilliant boost as in just 24 hours the total raised more than doubled!! I was so grateful that everyone w

Kim Ardron & Blondill Mawra

BE Solihulll 80(T) 19/08/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link We had a wonderful day. made it a celebration with loads of family and friends to support us. Dressage went well, show jumping we went clear and also in the X c. we full filled our dream our promise our challenge and very proud to be a Wobbleberry.

Karen Turpin & Lucky Lass

BE Bicton Arena (2) 80(T) 08/07/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link I've had a fantastic time competing as a Cornish Wobbleberry, I've now completed TWO BE Events - Bicton and Launceston plus an unaffiliated ODE plus dressage and showjumping at Riding Club shows.

Sarah Richardson & Call Me Finn

BE Northallerton (2) 80(T) 15/07/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link I am delighted! I completed the challenge by the skin of my teeth - a really good dressage for me, clear SJ but he jumped huge over the water splash at fence 16 and I lost my stirrups and balance.. my horse doesn't like this and I had no energy to recover so "wobbled off" just before the wood. I got back on and completed the course. Unfortunately Finn has struggled with foot problems this year and l struggled to get enough riding mileage in and was just not fit enough (having only ridden a dozen times in the last 11 years prior to starting this challenge). I am still in one piece and if I can get fit enough I may even do another! I

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