Debbie Baird & Gomez the Goblin

BE Calmsden (1) 29/07/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link The Challenge is done! Calmsden today enjoyed sunshine and perfect going. Myself and Gomez completed our Challenge in fine style, not in the placings but very proud of my little horse who, in the 3 months I've owned him has tackled every question asked of him..... And thoroughly enjoyed himself too.... On the xc today he grew wings and a turbo engine, clearly his forte! Thankyou everyone for the encouragement and available support and especially Sally Barr who made this possible for me. I have raised £3190 which pleases me immensely.

Kim Estcourt & Davy Grey

BE Calmsden 29/07/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Great day at Calmsden today, it's been a big learning curve. Great motivation to achieve something I wouldn't otherwise have done while raising money for a worthy cause. William (Davy Grey) was very very excited to be out and it was great fun.

Louise Tullett & Bushmeadow poetry in motion

BE Chilham Castle (2) 29/07/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Well what a day!! I loved every minute of it. Dressage isn't our thing, especially with an ex showjumper that dances around as soon as I get on, so my aim was not to get eliminated 😂, got a score of 50 something wasn't bad for us as it was first time we ever done a dressage test. Showjumping came round and we flew round clear, now for the cross country that I was nerves about as we've been practicing but the water has always been our nemesis! My little gem of a horse was not batting an eye lid UNTILL the first water , it looked like a swamp, tries kicking her on and she reared vertical with me (never done this before) so pushed on agai

Dawn Paterson & Level Forty nine

BE Warwick Hall (3) 23/07/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Ageing rider and veteran horse 76 years between us. I completed my ‘challenge’ and not only survived but enjoyed it. I did have a flask of fortifying sweet sherry beforehand, so not sure if that helped! Bailey my horse who I trained on, went lame so bearing in mind the generous sponsorship from mainly non horsy friends I completed my challenge on a friends horse - the 'sometimes difficult' - Level 49 aka Leo. Leo is 24 years old and although we keep him fit I last practiced going cross country 2 years ago. Dressage went ok, very pleased with the show jumping - something I'd worked hard on. Cross country didn't start well as nerves got

Susan Plummer & Springtime Sun

BE Launceston 23/07/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link We had an amazing day at St Leonards! Nia was a star and took it all in her stride. Great dressage, a frustrating pole in the sj, but a lovely clear xc, with a few time penalties. HUGE thanks to support team of Sally & Sophie! More donations welcome, please give what you can.

Susan Gill & IMIRISHTOO (Gerry)

BE Warwick Hall (3) 23/07/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Warwick Hall (3) had been our goal from very early on in preparing for the challenge. Not too hilly for Gerry (my big fat cob) and a venue I'd really enjoyed as ground crew for friends. I'm 45 with very little experience of competing (neither has Gerry). After dislocating my hip from a fall, we both came back to jumping with zero confidence in spring 2016. With the help of Charlotte Ridley from Park End Equestrian we started with tiny cross poles and slowly built up. We schooled around Warwick Hall (1) at the end of May, which was a good job as the jumps looked HUGE when we course walked. I kept reminding myself we had jumped quite a

Tracy Gilkes & ESH Donut

BE Little Downham (2) 22/07/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link An amazing day. Pressure made me forget a part of my dressage test but then the donut pony found wings. 2 down sj and one stop, 1 stop xc. The rest she flew round and I am so proud. Today I rode for Hannah x

Anthony Bennett & Puddledub Ragamuffin

BE Northallerton (2) 15/07/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link My wobbleberry other half completed his challenge today at Northallerton and I could not be prouder of him!!! 2 years ago he has never even sat on a horse and today he completed a BE80!!! He did have Bigglesberry along for a ride on the XC and he kept giving him words of encouragement!!! We had an absolutely brilliant day, even the rain couldn't dampen our spirits!!

Jo Theze & Rossy

BE HorseHeath 23/04/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Having warmed up beautifully for dressage we went into the ring and it all went to pot, I was hugely disappointed with my score Showjumping he got me out of trouble a few times but we managed a clear round. XC was hugely influentional but he flew round clear so we finished on our dressage score and overall finished in sixth place I was so chuffed, I have handed him back to my daughter now she is home, but hoping to take up the reins again and do the Autumn one at Little Downham

Emma Fisk & Upstart II

BE Bicton 08/07/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link I didn't know what to expect when i took on this challenge but i'm so glad i did, not only has it given me the opportunity to raise money and profile for a worthy charity it has given me purpose, drive and dreams!!! I really struggled with my own demons which were mainly 'Am i good enough?' and 'I'm scared!!' but with the challenge in mind i was able to beat them down a mm at a time, i had such good support via the Cornwall wobbleberry facebook group page who are full of great support, Jo who is our rep made everyone's progress something to be proud of, and really helped us all in any way she could!! On the day i was a bag of nerves, after collecti


BE Shelford Manor 28/05/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link We had a great day at Shelford Manor, dressage attempt was good with a score of 26.8, which had me in 2nd place! Then onto showjumping and a lovely clear round, eek I moved into 1st place, no pressure!!!! We set off on the XC and was flying round, we took the straight route option and was clear until our inexperience at jumping from light to dark caused a stop. However we finished 12th overall. Really pleased to complete the challenge and met my target of £300. Only thing is I've been hit by the eventing bug so think a few more are on the cards!!

Alison Coldicott & Shadow Way

BE Solihull 22/04/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link Hi myself and my not so trusty steed completed our challenge at Solihull on 22nd April. I had trained hard with by Wobbleberry training partner Jane Rapp. It was decided my steed was my husbands hunter and we would aim to enter a competition in the spring. The big day arrived after lots of training. We had the most fantastic day even though Shadow Way ak Thomas was a horror when he entered the dressage arena. Not the highest score in our section but was very disappointed as it could of been much better. Show jumping again could of been better three down. We flew around the xc course clear with 0.8 time penalties to add. Finishing in a very respec

Sue Cheape & Hob Nob

BE Forgandenny (2) 08/07/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link I was entered for this challenge by my daughters. I had not ridden for 30 years and had no intention to get back on a horse. But, having followed Hannah's journey and many of my friends have been fighting cancer, I embarked on the hardest challenge of my life! I started slowly in January and overcame the initial fear of horses. However, that came back with bells on when I started to jump. I set my target for our local event and worked towards it. So, on Saturday, I actually managed to complete my challenge. It was a bit touch and go and I had to really push myself as the fear and nerves were terrible. I have really not enjoyed this 6 m

Fiona Kerr & Ddraiggoch Elegant Lady

BE Forgandenny (2) 08/07/2017 Results Donate I entered this challenge because my dad died 37 yrs ago from bone cancer and here poor Hannah had lost her fight too just like him. I started learning to ride properly at the age of 50/51yrs on Lady who is a 14.3 Welsh section D who has done dressage and showing but last year I decided she would like to embark on this journey with me. She is now 17yrs but has thoroughly enjoyed learning to jump coloured and XC fences. Forgandenny was not only our 1st BE but only our 4th real XC and our 2nd horse trials. Dressage went well but the nerves kicked in when entering the SJ arena as I had never been in that tented situation before so we had 2 stops. I st

When Hamish met Harry......

Apologies for the lengthy silence, but really, they are not letting my hooves touch the ground at the moment – and I need my beauty sleep (particularly since meeting the very lovely Lola…..) – however, I am still working my socks off to complete this challenge, despite all the obstacles I have to overcome (well, actually, let’s be honest – carry is the better word rather than overcome……but more about the polo dispenser later....) I can proudly report that not only I am a BD pony, I have now made both my BS and BE debuts – but it was a bit of a shock. I first met Harry Horton at Keysoe, on what I thought was a schooling day with Mum - which based on prior experience would involve lots of stan

Tamsin Cooper & Little Early Broomy Bay

BE Tweseldown (3) 08/07/2017 RESULT Justgiving Link I started this challenge intending to complete it on my Mum's home bred horse that me and my sister broke in. I pushed myself to get out and have lessons and compete and joined the riding club. My family and friends all followed Hannah's blog. It stirred many emotions within me as I have two daughters that ride and compete and a son the same age as Hannah. Every time I got down I thought of Hannah and I got a grip and pushed myself more. Unfortunately my horse Hero ruptured his check ligament in March and was on 12 weeks box rest. I had entered an 80 cm two day event in a team with my riding club at the end of May and I was devastated. I

Suzanne Campbell & O Rourke

BE Kirriemuir (2) Results 02/07/2017 Donate After months of hard work and lots of practice it was time for me and little Roo to take on our challenge at Kirriemuir. We travelled from our home in Newtonmore in the Highlands the night before so we could get there in time for the course walk. I had attended an Eventing camp here in May so I was glad I picked this one as the place was familiar and it took the edge off of everything feeling so unknown. Competition day, I was with 3 other fellow wobbleberries which was great, kind of like strength in numbers. We walked our courses and made good use of the BE80T coach-Sue Hendry. If any other wobbleberries are still to complete their challenge I

Dad's Going Eventing!!

From the beginning to 4 weeks before the competition! How this all began for us. Please Sponsor and spread the word My Dad has always walked courses with my sister and I saying things like; “That’s nothing to worry about”, “Just keep him straight”, “Hold your line” and his all-time favourite “BOUNCY CANTER” (thanks to Nigel Taylor he will tend to repeat whatever has yelled at us in the last lesson). He has been unwavering in his belief that he could do it, he would always say “I’ll do a BE before I’m 60!” Well September 2016 he was turning 60 and while flicking through Facebook I come across a post to raise money for Hannah, I’m sure we’re not the only family to have watched and be touched b

Bumbleblog continued.....

Our mission .... Area horse trials qualifiers at poplar park!! Wow the human isn't very good at early mornings!! What a faff!! Thankfully big Vic was bathed and plaited yesterday and she sewed the plaits in so they were still ok!! Battle truck packed and off we go!! Journey no hassle .. Apart from the humans horrendous singing!! On arrival to poplar we settled big Vic in and reported for hats, passports and numbers. All done then off to the cross country, human was very excited as no new questions and all the jumps done at a previous event!! Showjumping also lovely and simple!! We met up with Tendring hundred riding club members and was a lovely atmosphere. The posh bit went as well as could

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