Further adventures of Bumbleberry, big Vic & the human....

Mission .... Stratford Hills horse trials. Off we went to a very sunny Suffolk. I helped bath big Vic before we left so that he would not over heat on the journey there, it was going to be a scorcher!! We left in good time and had a laugh at all the cars on the opposite way queuing for Clacton. On arrival the human ensured that both Vic and I were ok and settled. Vic stayed at the trailer munching while human and I met the lovely number secretaries and made sure fellow Wobblies were signing in. Next visit was to the jump judges, the wonderful Thornley family and Karen doing a fab job (Danielle and jack being the cover stars of the programme!!). We went to meet the be80 mentor Maria Jarvis. I

Charlotte Bamforth

Donate All I can say is.........we did it! Aston le Walls UA pre intro tick. For me that is my Wobbleberry Challenge as I now have to put down the reins and do some school stuff and pay some attention to my long suffering family. (They didn't live with me in my rowing days so it's been an adjustment!) Aston le Walls is clearly Algy's favourite place (which I had forgotten of course) and obviously because we had start box issues last week he thought he'd test me in another way today. The dressage was 'exciting' to say the least. I think it was because it was next to the cross country and he's so tall he could see over the hedge but the more we worked in the more I rideable he became. Carol

Worcester Wobbleberry - Nicola Lee

Nicola bought Dexter as a three year old with an idea to event him, her daughter having grown up it was now her turn...however tho easy as a youngster he then had a teenage period, threw her badly and therefore she lost confidence. At the same time her grown up daughter returned home plus partner and baby! So Nicola was...busy! She continued riding at home, and took her amazingly committed husband to walk round various xc courses, not walking the course the day before an event, just walking in the hope that one day she might be there with the horse as well! So the Wobbleberry Challenge was the perfect incentive she needed! She had no transport but undeterred booked some and took Dexter

Naomi Wright & Ballybough Dougie

BE Ascott Under Wychwood 04/06/2017 Result Donate What a fantastic experience! I very nearly withdrew as our lead up preparations were far from ideal & not confidence building. So, so glad I continued. Hannah's bravery & the fact that others had sponsored me made me determined to at least turn up & do the dressage. I amazingly remembered the test, having previously gone wrong in almost all our practices. After some spooking at the marquee, Dougie settled to do an ok test resulting in a respectable 32.5 score. Then we had a couple of hours off so I went & walked the XC & SJ courses. The XC course looked amazing and I really wanted to give it a go. I highly recommend going on the course walk w

Worcester Wobbleberries - May update

Nicola Lee on my old 24 year old Monty doing her first ever dressage test... An important milestone in our journey to a BE 80 event...we won an unaffiliated 70 event on Sunday, carrying round our Hanberry Wonder Pony! Great day out Steve felt wonderful the XC felt the best we've ever done...onward and upward! And we even became the bottom of Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre as they used our pic for their profile picture! Worcester Wobbleberries out competing in practice event After our training as promised three of us competed in Lincomb Equestrian's Mini ODE. I was wussy and also didn't fancy Prelim 2 so did the 60 cm class, pleased with best ever Prelim dressage score 33, and jumping fab

Adventures of Hanberry

This is Hanberry, descendant of Willberry ...named as we live in Hanbury, but I also like the reference to Hannah Francis, who is the reason we are all doing this. Hanberry came in time to go to our first training competition together...I later realised perhaps attaching him to my bib before the dressage was not such a good idea...people are very supportive but we don't want to get the wrong side of the dressage judge! So we fixed him on for the SJ! This paid off as we got our best ever dressage score and even with a naughty SJ pole went on to win the 70 cm unaffiliated event! Having Hanberry on board is obviously a good thing! And in the process Hanberry became famous as the new face...o

Victoria Pearson & Bounty V

BE Pontispool 29/05/2017 Results Donate Riding has been my hobby for 50 years and although a keen jumper in my youth the realisation that I didn't bounce meant I gave up jumping after having my children. However, now retired and in my 60's, I am back 'leaving the ground' once again. My partner in crime is Bounty, a Dales cross, and we have progressed slowly after starting the beginning this year (2016) falling off twice in a single SJ lesson - ouch and double ouch! However I have persevered and spent the summer at various Adult Camps gaining enough confidence to compete in an unaffiliated 80cms ODE. This has given me a little advantage over some of my Wobbleberry team mates but I hope it wi

Susi Stacey & Centauri Diamond Star

BE Poplar Park 20/05/2017 Result Donate Susi’s Wobbleberry Challenge! 😊 Our Wobbleberry Challenge started with four of my friends turning up to travel in the lorry with us; me, Dalton and Strawberry (my Wonder Pony mascot) Rachael had had plaited the night before for me (very pretty plaits!) We felt quite relaxed as we had so many helpers! Stressage was first up. Jo & Rachael tacked up and put studs in for me while I got ready, I could get used to this. It meant not having to tack up with the shakes and not having to remember everything. Then I was on, conscious not to warm up too early and waste energy. The number before me didn’t show so I went in early but this meant less waiting.

Helen Kinsella & Farmers Hill Aristokat

BE Poplar Park 20/05/2017 Result Berry Pony: ​ Antberry So this all started back in September 2016, after having a conversation with my Instructor, who asked why I wasn’t doing the Wobbleberry Challenge, my answer “I have never done an affiliated event, do you really think I could do it” A big YES came the reply. So I went home and guess what the closing date had gone, so I thought I would just offer to help in anyway I could, well I emailed Sally Barr and told her my story and to my delight I was now accepted as A Wobbleberry. My story in brief, I sadly lost my own son Antony at the age of 23 years in 2013 to Ewings Sarcoma, which is very closely related to Osteosarcoma which Hannah Franci

Catherine Evans & Luta Ska

BE Broadway 06/05/2017 Result Thoroughly enjoyed my challenge and, I'm told, smiled all day! Learnt a lot too - my horse needs studs for dressage on grass! We did Ok, 38.5 dressage (shocking canters, a 20M circle in a sloping grass arena was too big an ask!), one down Show Jumping, and retired with three fences left Xc. It was a long day with lots of new stuff and my just turned six super-star mare ran out of petrol - I wasn't prepared to ruin the rest of the day by pushing on over the last three fences. Absolutely thrilled with my horse, and quietly pleased and proud of myself. We are having another go on June 4th at Ascott-Under-wychwood!

Sarah Brodie & Eden Bob

BE Warwick Hall 21/05/2017 Result Had an amazing time today at Warwick Hall Horse Trials , from the time I arrived until the time I left I had a great time everyone so helpful and friendly , the course was lovely and the sj too Bob did his usual and stuck his two hooves up at dressage but we did it one sj pole down and clear xc,, so proud of myself and my turbo coblet , anyone thinking soon about doing the challenge do so and esp at the cumbrian horse trials x

Angie Harris & Cobbie Dazzler

BE Warwick Hall 21/05/2017 Result When I heard about the Wobbleberry Challenge it was just the push I needed. Having attended lots of BE events with my daughter I had never plucked up the courage to do one myself or had the right horse to do them on. Then I got a new horse 18 months ago, a little cheeky young little cob called Bob and together we started venturing out. Training started in earnest last winter and with fantastic local instructors support and my daughter making me believe I could do it we entered for our BE event for our Wobbleberry Challenge. I thought I would be really nervous but surprisingly the nerves held (I've learnt it's easier doing it that watching your daughter!) a

Melanie Day & Bridgefoot victory rebel

BE Poplar Park (2) 20/05/2017 Result Adventures of big Vic, bumbleberry & the human. We don't know what our human was worried about as Vic and I looked after her so well. We all did a decent dressage and loved it when all of team Vic made a fuss of us at the end. The showjumping course walk was easy as we stayed at the trailer and chilled while human walked. The hard work started again and we flew round the show jumps like Milton to go clear!!! Team big Vic then pulled the human off Vic to get her ready for the cross country .... The human had been threatening to be sick so the change had to be fast so she didn't run away!!!! Quick warm up then off to the start box, team big Vic plus sally f

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