Someone PLEASE buy her a dictionary...

So for a long time I have struggled to understand the “logic” behind the behaviour of my 2 legged polo dispensers, but recently I find we are talking an entirely different language. This does not bode well for this idea she has of our so called partnership. I think I need to make the decisions, and she just needs to listen to me- but I am finding her very stubborn and tricky to train. I have had to enlist a much more sensible 2-legged, Helene, to help me train her, luckily I think Helene agrees with me entirely, and I can feel her rolling her eyes in sympathy with me. Maybe with the 2 of us, and the sainted Karina, we have a snowball’s chance of getting her there. There are 2 recent example

Vicky Wise & Annalise Grace

BE Chilham Castle (1) 29/04/2017 Result Hi my lovely fellow Wobbleberries!! Sorry I've not reported before on our Wobbleberry 'D' day competing at Chilham BE80. Been a few long days with Course walks, competing and volunteering at Chilham today. 😁 Well, what can I say! Apart from the fact that I now know exactly why the 'proper' eventers do this sport! What a rush!! On Saturday morning, I surprised myself on how eerily calm I felt, I even managed to plait up without shaking hands and eat two pieces of toast! Walked the XC course 3 times..Lol 😆 First two times Friday night and did Course walk with Alex Hudson the BE official trainer on Saturday morning. So very useful and I would hi

Campberry at Poplar Park

Hi everyone I’m Campberry, one of Willberrys friends. This weekend I got to go on a a camp adventure, firstly I had a sleepover in Dovercourt Essex, the next day I met wobblehorse Victor with his human. We had a road trip then to Suffolk to Poplar Park equestrian centre. Once we arrived I was introduced to many lovely wobbleberries Helen, Dawn, Melly & honorary Wobbly Hazel and their wobble horses Kat, Star, Victor & Paddy. I was handed over to the care of a lovely lady Karen, who took me round the cross country course and took lots of pictures. I was also introduced to a really nice chap called Michael Paveley who was teaching the whole weekend of camp, Michael also taught dressage and show

Liz Fraser & Village Prince

BE Horseheath (1) 23/04/2017 Result Well what a day at Horseheath, the sun was out and there were four Wobbleberries competing. I was lucky to have a full group of family and supporters 10 in all and they had champagne ready to celebrate! I did manage to eat breakfast, but the rest of the day was on lucozade and adrenalin quite a mix. I walked the course for SJ that looked ok I had done the XC on Friday with Tina Ure and taken photos of each jump that was helpful for me so every time I thought about the course I had pictures I could check so not to panic about going the wrong way. As I waited for the dressage to start I must admit the nerves were there and as I trotted around the white board

Helene Grove & Kilbricken Park

BE Dalston Green (1) 29/04/2017 Result Dewey and I set off for Dalston Green at 5.30 am with good friend and super groom Tracy Thirlwall - We arived in good time to walk the XC course for a second time, which I found useful - chedked out the location of the dressage arenas, walked the show jumping course, got my hat tagged and paid my start fee - met up with my second super groom for the day Jo Greenup - We were ready - Dewey warmed up really well for the Dressage and did a lovely test to earn us a score of 30.8, we were warmed up in the SJ by BE80 trainer Charlotte Ridley , who did a super job and we went on to get a clear in our SJ round - next we warmed up for the XC where again the BE80

Tanya Lawrence & Flyover

BE Port Elliot 29/04/2017 Result We actually did it !!! Haven't been out a start box for 23yrs was very nervous about the xc !! Thanks to this challenge I'm back riding again , and I never dreamed that I would compete again ......i'm one very happy wobbleberry 😊

Jenny White & Heaven Eyes

BE Dalston Green 30/04/2017 Result I had followed Willberry Wonderpony from the beginning as I have a daughter the same age as Hannah so when I first saw the challenge I had to join. My daughter Susie encouraged me to bring our 20year old mare out of her 3 year retirement/maternity leave and with the help of our wonderful trainers in the North East, Charlotte Ridley, Kellie Davison and John Hill, I got her fit in time to enter Dalston Green on my 56th birthday. My greatest hope was to finish on my dressage score. Somehow my nerves weren't too bad though I did have to sing when the horn sounded, and I managed to ride a reasonable test for 30.8. The BE trainer was positive and helpful at the s

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