Wobbleberry Supporters Raising Money

Not only have we all the Wobbleberrie's around the Country training, competing and raising money for Hannah's Charity we are lucky enough to have some 'Wobbleberry Supporters' that are happy to raise money through the Challenge even though they are not officially doing the Challenge. Karen Boulton I am 55 a nana & from a none horse back ground ... but he's my friend my confident and my shoulder to cry on .. I am doing my event this Sunday 30th April on my little horse that has never done 80cm XC before either ... we're both looking forward to it now ... I set up a Justgiving page thinking raise £100.00 that will spur me on and help the charity... but my friends had other ideas and I've alrea

Easter Fun Training for Worcester Wobblers!

When I tried to book our wonderful local venue Lincomb Equestrian for a training session I came up with 16th April as first free day I could find...later realising this was because it was Easter Sunday!! However our great trainer Bryony Wilson, who is the reason half of us are on the challenge anyway, kindly agreed to give up eating chocolate eggs with her family, on the condition that horse or rider or both should wear bunny ears/easter bonnet etc! So six intrepid riders turned up, and after a quick warm up over three jumps Bryony had us straight into riding a course of show jumps. One of us who wasn't going to do more than the three, found herself completing the whole course, nicely cle

Jane Rapp & Shamrock Bay

BE Solihull (1) 22/04/2017 Result Solihull completed with dressage score of 32.5, Show jumping 4 faults, and XC just 5.2 time penalties finishing on a score of 41.7 Placed 14 raising just under £500.00 My horse Rocky (owned by my daughter) so last year while she was taking her A levels and then going off to University, I started riding him more than a odd hack round the roads .... I joined Stratford Riding Club. I have the club to thank for all their support and great training available on a weekly basis. I was very nervous, but Rocky is very comfortable to ride and to jump, although he can also be a little anxious at times. Then my friend Alison persuaded me to join her as a Wobbleberry

Vicky Wise Journey so far

Hi my lovely fellow Wobbleberries 😊 So glad to see loads of you out there doing so well! I went a bit quiet as not been sure what to say as we've had a bit of a rollercoaster ride since Easter weekend.... Everything was going so well and we had an amazing time at Hickstead on the SJ clinic kindly arranged by Anne Gartside. Gracie absolutely loved the arena and so did I. It's been a dream of mine to jump Grace there. 💕 So fab session! Photos kindly taken by Kim Nye. Then we had a XC session at Tweseldown on Good Friday Bank Holiday with Alex Hudson. I was so chuffed with Gracie and at one point in particular at the end, we jumped a log stack, to a hanging log and then cantered strai

Carrie Pillow & FEY DELORE

NORTHALLERTON 22/04/2017 Result This was our 1st BE Event; at Northallerton, it was Brilliant. In the dressage we had 1 unfortunate error due to rider sat nav error. We were clear in the show jumping, then a stop XC at the 2nd fence , I didn't have my leg on enough. I will have time faults as they held me to let another through. she was very tired but brought me home safe, I love this mare. Faye I have owned since she was 4, I bought her in the June only 2 months after coming over from Ireland to be backed. We almost walked away as her schooling was poor and she couldn't trot, but she had 'BREAKS'. She had something so i took the chance and bought her, then took her back to basics. She is

Ashley Harrison & Aughris rock

Norton Disney 08/04/2017 Result Strangely I wasn't all that nervous in the run up to my chosen wobbleberry event - expertly selected by my friend and trainer as it was in her words 'quite low key and flat' - she's aware of my drop phobia!! In fact I was more excited than anything else - until I entered the start box that was and 25 years worth of 'I don't jump, I'm a dressage rider' came flooding back to punch me in the guts!! But back to the timeline of the day... Dressage went adequately - hilarious that it's the phase I find hardest to crack on Rocky, seeing as 'my other horse is a Porsche' of the dressage arena and at advanced medium! A modest 34 was the outcome, nothing to write home


ASCOTT UNDER WYCHWOOD 15/04/2017 Result I have completed the challenge, with my 7 year old Basil @ Crown Farm Easter Saturday (number 669). We couldn't even jump properly a year ago and it has been an amazing journey. I couldn't have done this without enormous help and support from friends, it really feels like a major joint effort. Especial thanks to Holly Osborne, at 18 and a talented eventer herself, she has mentored us and stuck with us on the day with loads of advice and encouragement. If I ever felt it was a bit too tough I revisited Hannahs words, that always kept me going xx

Yogi Breisner helps the Wobbleberries!

So here is a little taste of our journey... Having had a bad experience on a BE try eventing clinic last year I have been somewhat fussy as to who I have to teach me! Have been very much sticking to my usual trainer Bryony Wilson, who is the reason I am doing the challenge in the first place! However when I saw that BRC were offering a clinic with Yogi Breisner I decided to break my own rule!! It seemed just too good an opportunity to miss. When I screeched with excitement having heard I'd got in, I had to explain to my husband that it would be like him being coached by the England cricket coach!! He then began to understand why I was so looking forward to it! I was not disappointed.

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