A Sad Entry (with a lift in the tail!)

It is with enormous sadness that I have to tell you all that our beloved Charlie was put to sleep in late 2016. He is very badly missed –I have not been able to write this blog entry until now. He will be remembered for his great heart and huge generosity: the horse of a lifetime and utterly irreplaceable. Needless to say, apart from the devastating effect this has on all who loved him, Charlie’s loss has scuppered all my hopes that I would be able to leave it all largely up to him to do this challenge. But just as Hannah pushed on through much, much more difficult circumstances, so must I! To the rescue comes an adorable – and very, very cheeky chappie – who we have had in our lives since

Hilary & Rocky - XC Training

So at last we get to cross country practice, Friday was a beautiful spring like afternoon and after a quick call to the lovely Richard Stacey at Rosehill and some begging of my husband to accompany us we set off to try some solid fences. The going was perfect and there were lots of 70 cm and smaller fences for us to try and get a rhythm over. Rocky was very keen to get going he was so enjoying being out in the spring sun. There is quite a hill which we really should have cantered down but I have to confess I was too chicken to canter down so we just trotted, I figured that as Aston Le Walls is pretty flat it is unlikely to be a requirement on the cross country on March 5th so I convinced my

Hilary & Rocky - The Dreaded Dressage!

This weekend we finally knuckled down and went to dressage training which I have to say I have been avoiding as it is my least favourite discipline, but then again I don't have a favourite one either! We went to a South Oxfordshire Riding Club clinic with Susie Pilbeam, the other ladies I was with were both doing Novice tests and I did feel a little intimated with my BE 90 but Susie was great very encouraging and gave us all pointers to work on. With three weeks to go my core is still sadly lacking and we were struggling with the canter. The transitions are OK but if I move my hips or body even slightly then Rocky shows off with an exuberant flying change! We worked on me holding my body p

Hilary and Rocky - Time to Gallop!

Decided that Saturday was time to gallop and see how my legs would hold up to being up out of the saddle, dragged my long suffering hubby over with me and we headed off to Attington Stud. When we arrived there were two horses on the gallops and Rocky though this was most exciting, he was very lively to tack up and I had that sinking feeling in my stomach about getting on. Actually getting on seems to be a big struggle when we are out somewhere, I think it is a combination of being nervous and my balance is just not what is used to be! Anyway with hubby's help got into the saddle and Rocky dived around a little he was very keen to get going and on our first circuit in walk and trot was very b

Hilary Martin & Rocky

So today we went to Berkshire College to attempt a full show jumping course for the first time. Nerves were terrible I was very shaky and nauseous. Walking the course I instantly regretted not entering the 65 cm as the course looked huge. The first seven jumps were 75 cm but after that they went up to 80cm for the jump off phase and I was quaking. My daughter Emily walked the course with me and made me remember it as a pattern rather than the numbers which was a great tip, 12 jumps seemed a lot easier to remember that way. When we went back to the trailer to get ready I practiced a great tip from Helen Rennie. I closed my eyes and visualised myself jumping every fence and going through the f

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