They both have so much to learn, it is such a worry....

So last time I told you Bumble was on his own, after realising he was a polo thief. Don't be fooled by this picture - I'm no keener on this new addition, but I have been forced to talk to him. Simply because he needs to be told, before between him and Mum, they create havoc. It's a real worry. 3 weeks in, he broke Mum!! Broken Mum = no polo visits, that is the MOST serious thing that can happen. I will have to face up to loosing a few polos to him, for the greater good. 6 years I have looked after her and trained her as best I can. She is not the quickest learner, but the basic I have instilled is that when we are out together or in the school, she stays in the saddle and out of my way. Obv

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