You want me to do what?

My name (one of many it seems) is Hamish - I am an Irish horse who wants a quiet life. I only see my Mum at weekends, but really, that's not good, as she should not be left unsupervised. She gets us into trouble. Apparently she needs to work to keep me in Polos, but it seems she has time for other things.....but more of that later. I came into my Mum's life in 2010, as a happy hacker to help give my Mum some fresh air while her husband, Ian, was undergoing chemotherapy. We had great fun blasting round the stubble fields, and I started to train her nicely. If the treats were too slow, for example, I ate her pockets. She really is quite a quick learner. I was pleased with her progress. When I

Georgie & Charlie

Well, at least one of us has more than just a scrap of an idea about actually doing an event…the other is usually the mum-groom-come-driver (to be found quaking by the finish line during the cross country). Charlie O Kelly (stable name Charlie-the-Hero) has spent the last 3 years being a (wonderful) hack – after a super career as an eventer with Sara. Together we will have a go at meeting the Challenge – in the hope that we will make Willberry Wonder Pony proud. Georgie is worrying about fitting in all the training around her work at university; Charlie is wondering whether he will have to give up some hours in the field…now that we have to get fit!

Accepting the Challenge!!

Hi my name is Julia. I am 55 years old and work full time as an Office Manager for a Manufacturing / Engineering company in Hertfordshire. I would also like to introduce you to my daughter's pony Edward who has been in our Family now for 15 years. He came over from Ireland in 2000 as a 4 year old and was my daughter Aimee's first pony. They went on to all sorts of fun things at Pony Club, Riding Club and eventually BE... many moons ago. Once the fences got a bit big for Edd, we found a bigger horse for Aimee (which she now events) and since then Edd and I have been hacking around the countryside together - perhaps popping over the odd twig we come across - but no more than that. I have rece

That’s another fine mess….

How did I get here? One minute I was volunteering my expertise as a PR consultant from the safety of my home office and the next minute I was agreeing to take part in the Challenge of a lifetime. The conversation with my 20-year old eventing-mad daughter went something like this… Beth: “Mum, you can’t hide behind the PR, you are one of the Founder Wobbleberries. You have to lead by example.” Me: “I would, but I don’t have a horse anymore and any way I will be far too busy managing the PR, I just won’t have the time…” Beth: “You mean you are too scared to get on a horse again? What would Hannah say?” Me: …….(lost for words – a rare occurrence!) Beth: “And you do have a horse…you can ride my

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